A simple case that’s built to last

When I look for cases for my iPhone, I try to find cases that are not only built well, but ones that are also minimalist. I like cases that show off the natural shape and color of my iPhone, but I want to make sure that my phone is 100% protected. To me, a case isn’t just for show. The Clear Case by Raptic is a good example of style and protection built into one case. 


The Raptic Clear Case is designed to not only protect the iPhone, but it’s also designed to look good. The case is tested to survive 6-foot drops onto concrete, which exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. It’s compatible with wireless charging as well as MagSafe chargers. It is not compatible with MagSafe wallets or car mounts though. The case has a premium clear Polycarbonate exterior with a DropShield polymer that absorbs shocks. The DropShield is designed to actively deflect the force of a shock away from your device when it’s dropped. The surface of the case also features antimicrobial protection thanks to the treatment infused into the DropShield and Polycarbonate materials of the case. The case is available in four different colors – white, blue, smoke, red, and clear. Even though colors are available, the case is still transparent; it just has a tint on it.


The Raptic Clear case come in a simple cardboard box with the brand name and product name printed on the front. There is also a stamp indicating the anti-microbial properties of the case as well as the 6-foot drop testing certifcation. The back of the box highlights some of the features of the case. Even though I appreciate the minimalist look of the case, I think that it could easily be missed if it was sitting on a retail shelf alongside other brands. A transparent window on the front of the box would be helpful so that consumers can see what they are purchasing. 

The installation of the phone into the case was quite easy. Even though the edges of the case are reinforced, the case itself is quite flexible so it’s easy to mold the case around the phone. The buttons on the case are easy to push and the charging port and speakers on the bottom are easily accessible. There is a small lip on the case that helps protect the screen from damage if it falls straight onto its screen. It’s not very pronounced, but it would be just enough to protect the screen. The cutout for the camera is also very well done. The lens is recessed from the main surface of the case and there is an extra lip around the camera lens to protect it from impact, too. 

One of the features I like about this case is its color. Even though the name of the case is ‘Clear,’ Raptic thought it would a neat idea to provide transparent color choices to go along with the colors of the iPhone. I have the red version, which unfortuntely doesn’t match as well with the phone sample I have, but I could see the red being a striking color for the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 12 Mini. 


I truly enjoy the simplicity of this case. It’s flexible, but provides sufficient protection for daily use. The only concern I have about it is that it’s a little slick to handle, which could cause the phone to fall from a user’s hand. Other than that, the case does a good job of protecting the phone while providing an added sense of style to the phone. 

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