A solid case that provides protection and style for your iPhone.

Cases are a dime a dozen these days so how do you select just the right case for your phone? I look for a few specific features like drop protection, premium quality materials, and easy installation. The Raptic Air happens to fit all these check-boxes and then some. 

This case is clear, light, and drop-proof. There are no other cases in the market that offer 13-foot drop protection like the Raptic Air does. The case is compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro (there is a version for the iPhone 13, too) and exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. It is wireless charging compatible. There is a soft bubble pattern rubber interior lining that absorbs and deflects shock from your phone. The case has a simple one-piece construction with easy installation with a raised lip for screen protection. The case is designed to work with MagSafe chargers, but is not compatible with MagSafe accessories like wallets or car mounts. 

Raptic Air iPhone 13 Pro Case


  • TPU & soft rubber bubble pattern inside that absorbs and deflects shock
  • Two heavy-duty machined aluminum bumper frames
  • Clear back polycarbonate panel
  •  Certified to exceed Military Grade Drop Test standards, MIL-STD-810G
  • 13 foot drop protection (4m)
  • Raised lip: 1.2mm
  • Product dimensions: 12 H x 153 L x 78 W (mm)
  • Weight: 1.2 oz
  •  Works with Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  • Qi wireless chargers
  • MagSafe chargers
Raptic Air iPhone 13 Pro Case


The Raptic Air case comes in a classic retail package. The front of the box has an image of the case and there is a badge in the top-right corner that highlights a 13-foot drop protection feature. The cover is actually a flap that closes with a magnet. When you open the flap you will see the case on the inside behind a transparent window and some of the details about the case. One of the things I like about this packaging is that you can be assured that the box matches the case that’s on the inside. There is also a cutout on the inside of the box that allows you to feel what the back of the case feels like. I also like this feature of the package because I don’t like cases that are too slick. This would help me make a decision if I were picking this case up from a retail shelf. 

Raptic Air iPhone 13 Pro Case

When you pull the case out of the box, you will find it resting inside a plastic tray along with a card that mimics the look of an iPhone. This card also has the Limited Lifetime Warranty listed on it. The case has a hardback and the sides are a little more pliable. You can definitely feel the reinforcement in the corners because they are a little more rigid than the larger parts of the sides. The inside back of the case has a grid that has a little bit of friction to it while the back of the case (the part that you would touch with your hand) is smooth. Even though it’s smooth, it’s not too smooth and you still have a really good grip on it. 

Raptic Air iPhone 13 Pro Case

There is a substantial ridge around the camera system to help protect it. The buttons are covered with the silicone case, but the mute switch is left open as are the Lighting port and speakers on the bottom. I really like how easy it is to install the phone into the case. Raptic made it possible to install the case without the aid of any tools which is somewhat unique to cases with metal. The phone is secure in the case and it can be a little hard to remove it from the case if you need to. You can pull the phone away from the case (it’s easiest if you press the phone outward from the camera), but it’s a little hard. Now, I don’t typically do real drop-tests when I try out a case, but this case is very tough. I used it for a long time with an iPhone 12 Pro and that phone had a lot of drops and falls. The case does a great job of protecting the phone.

Raptic Air iPhone 13 Pro Case


The Raptic Air is a good quality case that complements the iPhone really well. I’m a fan of this case and think it’s a really good investment for protecting your smartphone. 

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