A strong option for phone protection.

When I found out that the newest iPhone models would include blue as one of its color choices, I was beside myself with joy. Blue is my favorite color and I’ve been waiting with the patience of a 5-year-old on Christmas morning for a blue iPhone. So, this year, I finally get one. But wait…I’m one of those people that have to have a case on my phone. I just can’t imagine not having a protective layer on my precious iPhone when I leave the house. So, why should I get a blue iPhone if I’m just going to cover it? Fortunately for me, the product designers at Raptic had my back with the Raptic Air case for iPhone 12.


The Raptic Air is a hybrid case that is tested to survive 13-foot drops on concrete (exceeds MIL-STD-810G standard). The case is compatible with wireless charging and features a raised bezel to help protect the screen of the phone. The case has an anodized machined metal frame that is wrapped around a rubber exterior. This construction design is what makes the 13-foot drop protection possible while still minimizing the bulk and weight of the case. The metal is actually aluminum alloy and it has a dual layer of soft rubber bubbles on the inside to assist with shock absorption. The shell of the case is clear but is tinted with one of six color options: smoke, red, blue gradient, clear, blue, or pink gradient. This is the first Raptic case to combine a clear rubber outside with machined metal guards.


The Raptic Air comes in a brown cardboard box. The front of the box provides the name of the product along with the size phone it works with. The back has some of the details spelled out, but overall, the box is very minimalistic. I actually hope that Raptic ends up rethinking the packaging for this product because this box is easy to pass up if it’s on a shelf somewhere. I would love to see it be some sort of see-through package so that consumers could see what they are purchasing.

From the moment I took the case out of its box, I was in awe. At first glance, I actually thought it was just going to be another TPU bumper-style case. Then, I saw the color gradient. “This will go perfectly with the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro finish!” As I carried the case over to the iPhone to try it on, I noticed that the top and bottom of the case was framed with metal. I’ve seen this on cases before, but not like the Raptic Air. First of all, they made it possible to be able to insert and remove your case without needing any tools. This is pretty unique when you have a metal frame. I’ve seen a lot of metal-framed cases that require you to remove the frame with specialty tools. This case does not.

Even though the metal is only on the top and bottom of the case, the sides of the rubberized body are incredibly rigid. This was by design and also helps with shock absorption. Despite the structural integrity of the case, it’s not hard to install your phone. I do recommend placing the volume button side into the case first and then pressing the phone down into the case from there. The phone is very secure in the case and it can be a little tricky to remove it from the Raptic Air. Should you need to, I recommend pressing the phone outward from the camera cut out. Once you get that side out of the case, it should be much easier to pull the case away from the phone.


I am a fan of cases. I love the protection they provide, but I also like the look of them. The style of the iPhone 12’s is so stunning that I have hesitated to select a case for my phone. I know that it’s what’s best to keep my phone in prime condition, but I hate to cover it up. The Raptic Air is a the perfect compliment to the iPhone 12’s style. Because it’s a clear case, the natural color of the phone can shine through and you can still show off the sleek design while protecting it with top-of-the-line premium materials.

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