A charging option for compact workstations.

We recently reorganized our home office. This changeover has moved me to a brand new desk and I have to adjust my set-up accordingly. I have a new monitor and a differently sized desk than I had before. It’s a pretty big change for me since it’s an open-concept desk and I really have to be cognizant of cable organization and how devices are set-up on the desktop. One of my major concerns has always been easy access to power. I have a really cool power station that I have been using for quite some time and while I plan on continuing to use it, the placement of it is going to be a little cumbersome when it comes to powering smaller devices via USB. With that in mind, I’m adding in a new charging element – the X4 4-Port Compact Power Station from RapidX.  


The X4 Compact Power Station is designed to be slim and perfect for keeping your office workspace clutter-free. The device includes a portable stand that can be mounted on any surface. The power station is available in a white or black finish and has an extra-long 6-foot cable for flexibility. There are 4 USB ports including 1 Type-C PD port for compatible devices. 

RapidX X4 4-port Compact Power Station REVIEW


  • USB-A ports: 5V/2.4A max each port, total 3A for 3 ports
  • PD Type-C connector: 18W, 5V/3.1A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
  • Output: Total 33W
  • Includes a portable stand that can be mounted on any flat surface
  • Cable length: 6ft
  • Black or white alloy finish
  • Input: 100-240V for charging head, 14V max for back USB ports side
  • Dimensions: 4.2” x 0.87” x 0.87”


The charger is packaged in a simple RapidX branded box. It’s white with a clear image of the product on the front. There are some basic details – including usage cases – included on the box, too. The charger is housed inside a plastic case that protects the charger from moving around while in transit.  There is no user manual included with the charger because it features a plug-and-play operation so there is no need for additional paperwork. 

The X4 Power Station looks a lot like a standard USB hub. The most important thing to remember is that this tiny device is made exclusively for charging devices and not for data transfer. It has a built-in AC adapter that plugs directly into a power source providing up to 18W of power for the connected devices. I like that the power station has a built-in cable, but I wish the end that connected to the charger was a bit more reinforced to prevent fraying or bending. I do like that the cable is 6-feet in length because it’s long enough to stretch to a power source and hide which is integral for my uses.

RapidX X4 4-port Compact Power Station REVIEW

I ended up charging three different devices using the X4 power station – my iPhone Xs, Apple AirPods, and 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro. The AirPods were charged using a Lightning cable. The earphones were stored in the charging case at the time that I plugged them into the charger. There were no problems with the charging aspect of the process. Next, I plugged my MacBook Pro into the USB-C port of the charger. I didn’t expect that it would charge the laptop, but I wanted to try. Sometimes when a charger is underpowered, the laptop won’t receive a charge, but it will maintain its current power level. With this charger, the laptop would blink between being connected and not connected. I disconnected the computer from the charger quite quickly because I didn’t want to cause damage to either device. Finally, I charged my iPhone using a Lightning cable. While I was charging it, I was using the phone moderately by listening to Pandora. During the time I was charging the phone, it was gaining approximately 0.57% per minute. 


This is a very nice charging device for compact workspaces. I love having it available for quick charging jobs and the flexibility of not having to weave a cable behind my monitor to plug into a larger power station. This device is perfect for quick charging needs.

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