Quick Release Ball Head a great addition to video production kits.

One of the most annoying things to me when I use a tripod is attaching the camera to the tripod plate. Screwing the plate onto the camera gets cumbersome and it can wear out the screw or strip the connector. Since I’ve been looking into additional camera equipment lately, I’ve discovered quick release plates as an accessory and found that they can be very useful. The only problem happens when the part is not ‘heavy duty’ and thus, it becomes an issue to use it. The Quick Release Ball Head from Rangers was a surprise to me. First, it’s very heavy weight and built well. Second, it’s a ball head instead of just a quick release plate. This was a new concept as an accessory to me.

Rangers Quick Release Ball Head REVIEW

The Quick Release Ball Head is very easy to use. To start, the design is simple. There are three thumb screws for convenient use. The first screw locks the head onto the tripod. The second one locks the ball joint in place or releases it for creative shooting angles. The third screw locks the camera plate into place on the head. The ball head is very flexible and moves well. I also really like how the camera plate locks into place. There are special grooves molded into the plate that help to keep the plate secure.

The only thing I don’t ‘like’ is the quick release function is controlled with a screw instead of a snapping mechanism. Several other quick release plates have a mechanism that allows you to flick open and release the plate with one hand. With this one, you still need two – one to secure the camera and the other to release the screw.

Overall, it’s a very nice piece of equipment and one I’m glad to have in my production kit. It’s not something I’d use every day, but great for diversity.