RAM Mount provides a safe reliable way to charge your devices at home or in the car.

I always look for different ways to make my life simpler and easier. I lead a busy hectic fast-paced life, so any product that saves me time while having an easy, practical application is much appreciated. Most of the I’m on the go or thinking about being on the go and I need things that can keep up with my pace, while still performing with all the everyday wear and tear that I might put it through. Now I’ve been known to be pretty hard on a lot of products, but that just lets me know that the product isn’t living up to its full potential or isn’t as durable as it claims to be.

RAM Mount Intelliskin Charging System REVIEW

That’s where RAM Mount and GDS Technologies come in. Having one solid product is great, but having two working hand-in-hand is much better. RAM Mount has a huge catalog of products that cover many different brands, styles, and functions. After meeting with the RAM Mount team at CES 2016 and seeing what they are about and what they can do, I had to get my hands on several different mounts that they had. While I waited for my mounts I was talking with a few friends who happen to be police officers. I was telling them about several different products that would be useful and they politely informed me that they were very familiar with RAM Mounts. I have done quite a few Ride Alongs with them and never noticed that the laptop mounts installed in most of their cars were RAM Mounts with GDS Locking Vehicle mounts. After seeing these brave men and women get in and out of the squad cars, banging against the mounts and charging docks while saving countless lives they can still return as their squad car and know that their laptops are safe and secure where they left them. Not only are they ridiculously durable, they’re also very versatile. With the ability to bend twist and turn and flex any position they need them. After looking back it was very plain to see that RAM Mount and GDS technologies were insanely durable if they can take a punishment day in and day out from police officers, then they can take just about anything that I could possibly throw their way. And I wouldn’t have to worry about reliability.

RAM Mount Intelliskin Charging System REVIEW

As I have previously stated, RAM Mounts and GDS Technologies have a huge catalog of products that cover industrial and personal application. They have mounts for a wide variety of smartphones, GPS, laptop, tablet, and action sports cameras. This leaves virtually no device untouched. We know that police officers use them every day, but RAM Mounts also cover aviation, other emergency services, fleet trucks , and military applications as well. With mounting solutions that are easy to install permanently or able to change positions, everyone and everything are covered and secure.

When it came to my personal testing, I chose to go with Apple specific mounts. At first, I wanted the XGrip so that I would be able to place and remove my phone and tablet quickly from my car, but I wanted a charging solution as well, so I went with GDS Technologies Intelliskin setup. The Intelliskin is a case made specifically for my Apple iPhone. It’s a protective case with a different charging system integrated into the case design. While the case does give you protection from basic falls and dings, it’s not a big bulky protective design so you don’t lose functionality of your phone. Charging just got a lot easier as well. The desktop dock makes charging your phone with the Intelliskin ridiculously easy. You don’t have to fumble around with lightning cables you just slide your phone directly into the dock and it charges as well as syncs with your computer if you have the included Micro USB cable plugged into your laptop. Being able to charge and sync with the Intelliskin is quite simply ‘awesome’. The ability to just drop your phone into the desktop dock and walkway saves you time.

RAM Mount Intelliskin Charging System REVIEW

While this doesn’t seem like a lot, for someone like me who repeatedly charges their phone throughout the day because it’s their connection with everything whether it be business or personal life, this charging system is a lifesaver. Since the desktop dock has a Micro USB port on the back, I figured I would try just a normal cord just in case I lost the included cord somewhere down the road and found that not just any cord will do. While this may seem problematic to some, for me it’s not that big of an issue considering there is already a cord included.

The only real downside to the desktop dock is that I need several more. I keep a charging cable in my living room, my bedroom, my car, and my office at work so that I have a charging solution at the ready wherever I am. Therefore, I need multiple docks. I did go ahead and install a car RAM Mount with an Intelliskin car dock. Because the car dock and the desktop dock are meant to be modular, they share the same charging pattern. So, you don’t have to change Intelliskin cases on your phone or tablet. I just slide my phone on the dock and never have to worry. With the desktop dock, I can just slide it right in. The car dock actually has a spring-loaded hook at the top so you just push it up with your phone and slide it right into the cradle. It’s nice and secure. The RAM Mount holds it perfectly in place where I want it and I get solid charging capability from the car mount. Also like the desktop dock, the car mount uses a Micro USB cord which is also included. Since I also use an iPad Pro I went ahead and got the Intelliskin case for that as well, but I can only use it with the desktop dock for now.

RAM Mount Intelliskin Charging System REVIEW

Now my only real issue is that I need RAM Mount and GDS Technologies for all of my other devices. And yes it’s not a matter of I want, I need them for the dependability, reliability, and for all of my other devices just because of the ease of use.

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