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RAM Mounts is one of the best brands I’ve ever come across for mounting mobile devices in your vehicle. They specialize in creating universal mounts to work with just about anything. They have been creating innovative products since 1992 and are based out of Seattle, Washington. RAM Mounts pride themselves in having products that are MADE IN AMERICA and back their craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty. I can speak from experience that they honor their guarantee 100%. A few years back, one of the mounts I had had a joint wear out. I sent their warranty department an email and within a few days, I had a brand new part in hand. I actually had the great privilege of meeting some of the employees from RAM Mounts while at CES and I learned a lot from them about how they operate. Before the meeting, I was already a fan but afterward, my confidence in RAM Mounts went through the roof.

RAM-A-CAN II Universal Cup Holder Mount REVIEW

Not too long ago, I acquired a new/used truck. I am trying to keep it in the best shape possible so I don’t really want to clutter up the windshield with a bunch of suction cup mounts and the rings they leave behind. It just dirties up the glass. That being said, I definitely need a mount for my mobile phone because the truck has a CarPlay enabled stereo. Because of my past history with the company, I immediately sought out RAM Mounts for the solution. I found it with their RAM-A-CAN II Universal Cup Holder Mount.

RAM-A-CAN II is made out of Marine Grade Stainless Steel Components and High Strength Composite materials. That makes it both rustproof and exceptionally strong. It features the X-Grip cradle that is popular with other RAM Mounts products, the RAM 1″ diameter patented rubber ball and socket system and has a very handy cup holder base. More on that in a moment. The X-Grip cradle is built specifically to house larger phones (5″ large phones and phablets). In my testing, I tried out both an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus. The X-Grip held them both very well. There is an optional device tether included and recommended for outdoor uses. I did not utilize the tether in my testing because I didn’t really have a use for it.

RAM-A-CAN II Universal Cup Holder Mount REVIEW

The other main part of the RAM-A-CAN is the cup holder base. This part, is in my opinion, the reason to get this particular item. RAM Mounts has done a rather ingenious job of designing this base so that it will fit most types and sizes of cup holders. While the shape of the base is a cylinder, it has support fins that stick out from the center. These are flexible in nature and they make it possible for the base to fit within any cup holder – small or large. The fins also keep the base from spinning around in the cup holder. It is weighted so you don’t have to worry about your phone making the mount top heavy.

RAM-A-CAN II Universal Cup Holder Mount REVIEW RAM-A-CAN II Universal Cup Holder Mount REVIEW

The third piece to the RAM-A-CAN puzzle is the joint that connects the base to the cradle – the RAM 1″ diameter patented rubber ball and socket system. This system is really what makes a RAM Mount unique. RAM actually stands for Round-A-Mount and their revolutionary products revolve around this ball and socket system. The design features an elastomeric rubber ball and incorporates shock and vibration dampening. The double-socket joint is completely adjustable and allows for almost infinite viewing angles.

RAM-A-CAN II Universal Cup Holder Mount REVIEW

When you put all three pieces together, magic is made. The entire ensemble stands about 12 inches high. So you have to really plan for space in your car. When I was first starting to test this out, I really wasn’t sure how I would like it. But, after driving around with it a bit, I’ve found it really suits my personal situation very well. I’ve driven all around town using the RAM-A-CAN II and found it to be very stable and easy to use with my phone.

There are a lot of car mounts in the market, but I can guarantee that you won’t find one as well built as you will through RAM Mounts.

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