Rain Design iRest iPad Lap Stand Review:

A well-constructed, comfortable lap stand for the iPad.

Rain Design iRest iPad Lap Stand Review 3I made the conversion to being almost totally digital for reading books these past two years and like most people who have done so; I have things that I both love and hate about reading almost everything on a tablet or phone. The advantages are obvious: every book I own is with me at all times. It is very easy to read while eating lunch because I don’t have to hold a paper book open, etc.

The disadvantages are also apparent: such as reading in bed or while in a reclining position on a couch or chair. The iRest by Rain Design attempts to solve these problems by allowing you to free your hands while also providing a padded adjustable base to hold your iPad at whatever angle works best for your current position.

The first thing I noticed about the iRest was that it is very well made. This comes as no surprise from a Rain Design product, but it’s worth mentioning that they have put the same amount of thought and quality craftsmanship into the iRest as their other great products.

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Rain Design iRest iPad Lap Stand Review 4The iRest has three cushioned pads on the parts of the stand that touch your lap and legs. One large pad in the front of the stand underneath where your iPad sits and two in the back on each side of the rear portion of the stand. All of the cushions are generously padded and should make the iRest comfortable to use in just about any weird position you can think of. One of the things that I really like about the pads is that the rear pads can be removed. This was handy for sitting the iRest on my desk as an iPad stand at work. Rain Design products often have these types of versatile configuration options that allow them to do more jobs than they are intended to do.

Another cool feature is the cut outs on the bottom of the iPad holder to pass your charging cable through and another to allow sound from the speaker to pass through. There is also a small slit in the front of the iRest to make sure sound from music, video and games can be heard clearly. So if you need a charge or are enjoying media on your iPad, you will not be held down by cables.

Rain Design iRest iPad Lap Stand Review 5I found the iRest to be very comfortable to use on my desk and on my lap. I would recommend this iPad lap stand to anyone who frequently uses their iPad in a reclined position or in bed. It is light weight and folds up easily for transporting it to your next stop.

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