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I’m a fan of puzzle games. I’m also a fan of word games. So, when the opportunity to review this puzzle word game came up, I decided to take it. Quote Codes is what the developer refers to as a ‘word puzzler’. You decipher the puzzle one letter at a time and it sort ends up being a little like hangman in that respect. Quote Code is a quirky iOS game that is designed to be addictive and fun. The quotes that are preloaded into the game include TV shows, movies, Disney, authors, and even Netflix shows. There are over 85 different themes to play and handcrafted custom animations for each symbol. The game is free to play with minimal ads. The developer designed it to be a universal app with Facebook sync. The app takes up a fair amount of space (208.9 MB) and requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Quote Codes iOS Game REVIEWQuote Codes iOS Game REVIEWQuote Codes iOS Game REVIEW

When you first start up the app, you are met with a welcome screen that features your first puzzle. As you work through the first puzzle, you are shown different rules of the game. For example, if you guess a letter wrong, a prompt shows up on the screen that states you will lose 3 coins for each wrong attempt. You start the game with 1000 coins and earn coins with each correctly solved puzzle. The coins allow you to unlock clues, which are a vital part of the game.

The first couple of puzzles I played were a little disjointed in my mind. First of all, there are no clues to the puzzle itself. I expected that maybe there would be a trivia that might hint at what the quote might be, but there is nothing other than the puzzle and the blanks for the letters, which you fill in. The puzzle pieces really only let you know how many letters are in the quote but don’t indicate what the codebreaker might be. I personally think that would have made the gameplay a bit more fun. For example, if the game provided a key for the puzzle like A=5 and then you could figure out what the rest of the puzzle was based on the letter’s position in the alphabet. As it is now, you are sort of just grasping at straws and guessing.

Quote Codes iOS Game REVIEWQuote Codes iOS Game REVIEWQuote Codes iOS Game REVIEW

I do appreciate that the free version of this app has very minimal advertisements dispersed throughout the game and that you only have to pay $1.99 if you want to buy the ad-free version.

Overall, Quote Codes is enjoyable. I think there is some room for improvement, but it functions well, has an addictive music track, and is visually pleasing. I’m eager to see what comes next when the app is updated.

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