Quntis Braided Lightning Cables are less than desirable.

We all love what our iPhones and iPads do for us. We love the shiny new iDevices and many of us wait for the latest and the greatest. How many of you grumbled when Apple changed from the 30pin to the Lightning? I know that I did! Now, I fully embrace it and wonder why this was not just the way. We grumble when we have to spend $19 for the 1 meter and $29 for the 2 meter apple cable. I am well aware that there are third party variations of these cables, some at the sub $10 level. For me, if the product does not contain “MFi Certified” or have a sticker/identifier “Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad” logo they are not even worth giving a second look to. The reason? Counterfeit/uncertified cables may damage your device or simply may not work to charge/sync.

Quntis Braided Lightning Cables Review

Quntis 3 Pack 10 foot USB A to Lightning adaptor seem like they are a good sell on the surface. I received an unbranded ziplock style bag. On the clear side, is a sticker providing the only identifier to the product. I was able to see through the window, 3 individually rubber banded USB A to Lightning 3 cables. The top of the plastic was easily torn away and you can get into the ziplock style bag. Why this is ziplock and not just a tearaway, is unknown to me. It really seems like a waste on product packaging. On initial impressions alone, the cables look sharp, look like they are of high quality. The ends of the cables, both USB and lightning are in the Apple Gold coloration palate and the cable itself is braided/nylon coated. The product looks good. Notice so far I have said “LOOKS.” The lightning adaptor end is rounded, which is appreciated as it will fit into Catalyst and Lifeproof cases. Typically boxier cables will not fit!

Quntis Braided Lightning Cables Review

Before I use the cables, I look for the MFi certification, which is not present in this case. I also look for the Made for iPod somewhere, which is not present. I looked at the lightning adaptor end and there are no identifiers and there is no identifier approximately 7 inches from the USB port either. This does not seem to have any of the reassuring information for a safe/certified cable. My gut was telling me “NOPE.” Next I decided to evaluate the junction points of the cables to make sure that they will hold up. I kid you not, with a mild amount of force pulling on the lightning adaptor end, I was able to remove the metal cover. The gold cylinder pulled off of the cable completely. Seriously this end was weakly made, as I am not known for my physical strength. Removing this, the underlying plastic is not fully molded and parts of the wiring are exposed. This is scary. I could possibly forgive this product if one were defective. All 3 cables were the same way. Please see the picture. Yes that is the wire that you can see poking out of

Quntis Braided Lightning Cables Review

the plastic. Fire alert!!!!! I will be honest, I knew before I even examined the cable up close that this cable would not be used in my home. There is an included card that thanks you for the purchase and asks for objective, unbiased review and feedback. Even with the Lifetime Guarantee on the package sticker, this product is not worth your time. I did not test these in my iPhone or iPad due to concern about the build.

Quntis Braided Lightning Cables Review

1/5 stars based on possible hazard to your device, possible fire hazard, weak connection points. Spend the extra dollars and get a MFI certified or product with “Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad.”

Look let’s be honest, your iDevices are expensive. Please don’t get cheap cables.

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