Quizlet for iOS App turns iPhone into a study buddy.

quizlet-screenshotIt’s March. In our part of the world, March means standardized testing season. It becomes increasingly important for students to do their best so that schools are properly funded. Quizlet for iOS can help.

Quizlet is, in essence, a flashcard app. It comes preloaded with more than 15 million flash cards for just about any subject you can imagine. The flashcards are available with or without connectivity. The main function of the app is to help students learn/memorize important information from subjects in school. Vocabulary, math, foreign languages, spelling – all are subjects that benefit from flashcard training.

In my testing of this app, I searched for French language flash cards, spelling flash cards and multiplication flash cards. I found the decks I selected to be very helpful and easy to understand. There is a feature that assists you with pronunciation of words, too.

There is a future update that will allow users to create their own flashcards and card decks through the app, but for now, users can log into the website and create sets there.

I recommend this app to anyone studying for tests in the general education field.