Sticky notes without the mess

Let me introduce you to Quicky Sticky for iOS by Parker Barrile. It’s a super simple reminder app. It brings the old days of the sticky note to the present without the mess. Picture this. You have something important that needs to get done so you add it to your reminders list to only dismiss it when the notification pops up at an inconvenient time. This has happened to me and I’m sure it’s happened to many of you.

Now we take a look back at the past and remember the times of the yellow Post It notes stuck all over the place. Heck, I have a pad of sticky notes on my desk just in case I need to remind others in the house of something on special occasions when remembering is a must. The problem for me is that old Post It notes clutter up a clean desktop in seconds and for the most part, they are just a waste of trees. I mean, how many trees have been cut down over the years to remind you to pick up milk?

So back to the digital problem a hand. What do I or you do when we dismiss the reminder while in the middle of something else? Well, we just forget the task that needed to be completed and if you’re like me, you are just about to fall asleep when WHAM! you remember that task. Yeah, that really sucks.

Quicky Sticky Notes iOS App REVIEW Quicky Sticky Notes iOS App REVIEW Quicky Sticky Notes iOS App REVIEW

Because of this, I started looking around the Apple App Store for an iOS app that would allow for me to make a digital sticky note. I no longer wanted an option I could dismiss and forget about. I needed something in my face. What I was looking for was an app that would allow me to make my lock screen into my reminder. What I found was lots of overly complicated iOS apps that took the ease of jotting down a reminder on a Post It note and turned it into a giant hassle.

That’s not what I needed or wanted. I need an app with the simplicity of a sticky note. That’s when I found Quicky Sticky. It’s a super easy to use app that lets you pick from three colors — red, blue, and yellow — for your notes. You can write your note down and then show it on your lock screen. Because I have my iPhone with me from when I wake up until I go to sleep I’m bound to see my sticky note when pulling down the Notification Center area on my iPhone. To top it off the app also has the option where you can add your note to your lock screen so whenever you wake your iPhone, you will see the note on the lock screen.

For me, this has been incredibly handy app. I have a quick way to make a note to myself and if I happen to dismiss the Apple Reminder app notification, I know that my sticky note is waiting on my lock screen or widget area to visibly remind me one of the hundred times I wake my iPhone.

Quicky Sticky Notes iOS App REVIEW Quicky Sticky Notes iOS App REVIEW Quicky Sticky Notes iOS App REVIEW

The lock screen option works without any problems but I have found that if you are using the widget you should place it at the top of your widget area to see it each time you pull down. Now with that said, remember to click on ‘show more’ and leave it that way because when you have Show Less selected, the Notification Center area seems to break a bit. You can see what I’m talking about in the photo.

One last thing the developer of this app has no advertisements inside his app — pop-up ads and no IAP (In App Purchases). This is truly rare nowadays as it seems you can’t find a useful app without annoying ads or in-app purchases that are required to use an app all the way. I bring this up because Quicky Sticky is sort of a unicorn in the app world. They just don’t exist.

I hope the developer continues to grow and continues to update this app as it’s been super helpful in the week since I downloaded it.

Install Instructions
1. Open the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of the screen.
2. Scroll to the bottom and tap on the Edit button.
3. Find Quicky Sticky in the list of apps, and click the green “+” sign to add it.
4. Tap the Done button to save.

DOWNLOAD – Quicky Sticky – FREE

For more information, visit Quicky Sticky