Today I want to bring your attention over to a Mac OSX app called QuickRes. QuickRes allows you to change, you guessed it, the resolution on your Apple device.

The way I understood QuickRes, was that it would allow you to switch to an even higher resolution on your Retina Macbook Pro, and enable HiDPI Mode on non Retina display Macs. Giving you a resolution as close to retina without being retina. I first tried QuickRes on my 27″ iMac. It did make all the text much clearer for me, but it blew the display way out of normal use. As you can see in this image.

I will admit that using it on the iMac and shrinking the apps your using gives you a nice experience.

QuickRes_-resolutionsMy next test with QuickRes was on a 15″ non retina display Macbook Pro. I got close to the same results.

My last test was on a 15″ retina display Macbook Pro. When using QuickRes it makes everything tighter giving me such a bigger working space. I was able to run FinalCut Pro, and Photoshop without my tool palates getting in my way. QuickRes is being sold for $1.99. If you’re on a Retina display and you need more screen real-estate, then picking QuickRes up could very well be worth it to you.

So what is Quick Res for? It’s the best and fastest way to switch between screen resolutions on all your Macs. You can even set your resolution all the way to 3840 x 2400 on a Retina display Macbook Pro.

In my experience using it on non retina display Macs it will make your display look very clear, but for non retina it works best used switching resolutions, it’s much faster then opening System Preferences and jumping to display. You can find QuickRes in the Mac App Store for free, unfortunately do to some of the M.A.S limitations switching to a higher resolution is not allowed in the free application. Don’t be disappointed tho, because you can always visit the developer’s website at anytime and get the full version for $1.99.

The team over at ThnkDev make great apps, check out there website and take a look at some of the other apps they are working on. You can also follow them on Twitter ThnkDev Twitter