Quick Supply Dual USB Port Review:

Quick Supply Dual USB Port Review 3This is one of those devices that I find myself no knowing I need until I see it. Many of us with a lot of tech have some outlet in the house that is full of USB chargers for our devices. The thought of having a dedicated outlet that has 2 110 volt normal outlets and 2 usb ports seems like a great solution. Unfortunately this device has a lot to be desired as far as build quality goes.

The first thing I noticed about this device was its instruction manual. It indicates that the device is “designed for recreational vehicle or marine usage only” This is confusing to me as the rest of the manual seems to indicate home installation.

Quick Supply Dual USB Port Review 4Second, the taps for connection to your neutral and hot lines from your house’s AC supply are not labeled in any way on the device itself. A diagram promises to tell you which connection is which, but considering the other errors in the manual (including which screw driver type is needed) I have difficulty trusting this. Also the screws which are designed to clamp your 12-14 AWG wire from your house are tiny and are difficult to make a tight clamp with the wires.

Third, the grounding screw is very close to the hot AC connection. It is conceivable, since ground wires are not insulated, that the ground could short to the hot if you have not made sure there is no exposed wire on the inserted hot lines. This isn’t necessarily a hazard as this will trip your breaker, but it seems to be inviting trouble. Outlets I’ve installed have the grounding screw far away from the Quick Supply Dual USB Port Review 5hot terminal. I would have preferred either a more substantial line and neutral securing screw or the more typical screw terminals that you find on standard outlets.

Fourth, the grounding screw terminal tapped hole is extremely fragile. During my install attempt it was very easy to over tighten and cause it to fail. I was unable to complete the installation because the screw would no longer tighten on the wire.

In summary, I was disappointed that this device was unable to be installed. Seeing the build quality, I would be hesitant to recommend it for installation even if the ground screw connection would not have failed on the test unit.