Fast charger makes good addition for mobile charging.

Quick Charge Dual USB Car Charger Review 3If there is one device you can’t have too many of it’s car charger for mobile devices. First of all, nearly all mobile devices charge from some form of USB port so, car chargers with multiple ports are a premium item. Secondly, when one wears out, you can replace it quickly with no messy cleanup. The Quick Charge Dual USB Car Charger from Choetech is just the thing you need – even if you already have a car charger.

 4This dual car charger has tow USB ports that support charging up to 2.1 amps, which covers tablets charging as well as smartphones. The charger also comes equipped with many safety features – over-current, over-charging and short-circuit protection. I always really appreciate those features because it means that your devices won’t be fried.

This is a solid product at a decent price. I really enjoy using it and have found that my devices are charged quickly and efficiently without the unit overheating.