Qblinks launches Qmote, a one-click remote control device on Kickstarter.

Imagine being able to control your smartphone and smart home devices with one remote device. That device is Qmote.

Qmote is a sleek smart remote that goes everyone you go to control your ‘smart’ devices instantly. It gives users quick and easy access to the most common functions they perform daily, like making phone calls or starting GPS navigation.

Qmote is a product from Qblinks, a technology company undertaking innovative exploration into the world of wearable and smartphone-centric Internet of Things products. Qmote removes the hassle of having to look for a mobile phone and search through a myriad of apps.

Qmote Smart HomeUsers can program one Qmote with up to ten different actions or connect multiple Qmotes to one smartphone. Qmote can hook onto clothing and keychains to use on the go or stick onto flat surfaces for more permanent access.

“It is estimated that in today’s society, each person pulls their phone out of their pocket at least 150 times per day. We use so many apps and are always digging around for when we need to just do one simple thing like activate Siri,” said Samson Chen, co-founder of Qblinks. “With Qmote, you can create your own sequence that makes interactions with your smartphone and smart home more convenient, ensuring that you’re easily accessing what matters the most to you.”

QmoteQmote allows less time to be spent scrolling through apps and more time enjoying the connections and entertainment technology has to offer. With one click, Qmote can do things like snooze an alarm, activate Siri, locate a lost phone, start navigation on a GPS system and even become a wireless presenter all without any extra software or set-up. Qmote also controls smart home devices such as Nest, Wemo and Hue.

Qmote is available starting today through Kickstarter for an early bird price of $15 and additional price of $19. To pre-order Qmote, visit http://qmote.qblinks.com.