A cost-competitive option for connecting devices to USB-C

I am happy to announce that I finally upgraded my 13-inch MacBook Pro for a new 15-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar.  With that upgrade comes a new range of accessories that I am eager to try out.  Now that I have a computer that operates with USB-C, I have to find new accessories that will work with it. In my search for a good reliable line up of accessories, my first review is going to be on the QacQoc USB-C Multiport Adapter allowing me to connect a variety of devices to my new best friend.

QacQoc GN30C USB C Multiport Adapter REVIEW

Unboxing:  The fact that the aluminum matches my Space Gray MacBook Pro is a huge plus.  It looks very nice, made of a dense material, and is compact making it travel-friendly.  It comes with a small drawstring bag, which allows it to reside in the same compartment as my laptop without scratching it, or anything else I happen to be carrying with me.  This USB-C Multiport Adapter allows me to plug in pretty much everything I would need at any given time. It includes 1 USB-C charging port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 SD card slot, 1 micro SD card slot, and 1 HDMI 4k port.

QacQoc GN30C USB C Multiport Adapter REVIEW

My Experience:  The first thing I had to do was get something from a flash drive for a class at school so I made sure to try it in every USB port. They all worked and didn’t have any delays with connecting. The brand also boasts that the USB 3.0 is “SuperSpeed” at 5Gbps.  Now I’m simple when it comes to these things (the average consumer would more than likely agree) and what is important to me isn’t a number.  It legitimately feels like there’s a fast connection, meaning its satisfactory to me. Next item on my to-do list was to hook up my projector with the HDMI cable and I was able to run video from my MacBook Pro without any issues.  I didn’t have anything to transfer from my SD and micro SD cards but I was able to access them so it did connect.  Since the USB-C is connected by a cable and not a hub, I’m not able to carry my MacBook around without it dangling.  The advantage though is being able to lay it slightly behind the MacBook and making most of the connected cables out of sight when I’m at my desk.

QacQoc GN30C USB C Multiport Adapter REVIEW

Overall:  It’s one of those great moments when the product I’m reviewing has really nothing negative to say about it.  It is competitively priced and it has the look and feel of quality.  The only thing I really would like to know is how to say the brand’s name because I’m more than likely butchering it with my Southern Indiana twang.

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