Puro BT5200 Wireless headphones provide superior sound with a unique design.

In the past year, I’ve really taken a liking to headphones of all kinds. In fact, i’ve sort of made it a hobby to test out various brands and styles. My favorites are the on the ear or over the ear headphones. When I found out about the Puro BT5200s, I decided I had to give them a try. Immediately after removing the Puro BT5200s out of package, I was impressed. The headphones come with a very handy, slim carrying case, which is something that I have started looking for when I research wireless headphones. I’m always on the go and having a nice set of over the ear headphones, but it becomes a little hard carrying them unless there is a case.

Puro BT5200 Headphone Review 2

This slim case is only about three inches thick at its apex and looks a little like a flyer saucer. The earpieces fold flat so that you have a nearly flat set of headphones stored away in the carrying case. One other feature of the case is the mesh pouch. The pouch is just large enough to hold the charging cable and aux cable that are provided with the headphones. Past the carrying case and accompanying accessories, the BT5200s have a very interesting style. I would classify them as modern retro style. They look similar to older headphones from the 60s, but have a very modern feel to them. The controls are on the left earpiece, which is somewhat unique. Most of the headphones I’ve tested have controls on the right side. The controls include an on/off switch, a Bluetooth pairing button, and a volume up/down buttons.

Puro BT5200 Headphone Review 3

Both the Bluetooth button and volume buttons are dual purpose. The Bluetooth button with play/pause music and the volume buttons will navigate through your tracks by skipping ahead or backwards with double taps. The Bluetooth button also controls phone call use. With a series of button taps, you can answer, reject, or end the call. You can even transfer the call back and forth to the handset. For me, I will probably stick to controlling phone calls with the phone because the system and sequence of button taps is a little too much for me. The headband of the BT5200s is fully adjustable and very comfortable. It’s got sufficient padding as do the earpieces. The padding feels very much like memory foam. After wearing them for about an hour, I did feel my ears getting a bit warm, but the earpieces do breathe alright.

Puro BT5200 Headphone Review 5

Pairing was very easy. You simply turn the headphones on and then tap the Bluetooth button. The BT5200s appeared almost immediately in my Bluetooth menu. After a single tap on the name of the device, pairing was complete. So, how do they sound?

Puro BT5200 Headphone Review 6

Puro’s BT5200s has a wonderful, deep sound. I test headphones with a variety of music and found that the BT5200s passed every test with flying colors. Vocal tracks were pure and crips, while instrumental tracks had a large range of treble and bass. I have another premium set of headphones that I judge other headphones off of. The BT5200s really hold their own against them. Ambient noise is blocked so you can keep your volume at a regular level and avoid damage to your ears.

These are really a nice set of headphones and are recommended for people who are looking for a unique design with superior sound. The BT5200s are currently on preorder with the release being December 15 and Puro is offering free priority 2-day shipping.

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