Update! Purge Command in Mavericks

We’ve talked before on how the Purge command helps to free up memory on your system. You can refer back to our previous post for more information.

Now, in Mavericks you will find that just typing the ‘purge’ command tosses out this error message.
“Unable to purge disk buffers: Operation not permitted” 

sudopurgeThat is because to use the purge command in Mavericks you are required to be the ‘super user.’ So, how do you become super user in Mavericks?

Just follow the instructions in our previous post on the purge command but before entering purge in terminal type ‘sudo’ then ‘purge.’

You can see in the image to the right how it should be typed out. It will ask for your computer’s password. type it in and  press ‘enter.’ Remember It’s invisible so make sure you type it in correctly. Note there is no confirmation message that the purge command was successful. Once finished it will return you to the command prompt. The systems RAM will free up when you run this command giving you a bit more memory.