Puls provides support for the ups and downs of digital life

Your whole life is within your iPhone, so it’s not always convenient to leave your device at a repair shop since you can’t always get it back in the same day. For those times, call Puls who will send professional, verified service people to fix or setup your electronics.

By using Puls, you get the added security of having your phone repaired in front of you instead of leaving your iPhone or iPad in a shop, where your personal data can be accessed. As valuable as Apple Care is, it is limited to a set period of time. Puls is available for you no matter how old your device is.

Puls uses its proprietary technology platform to match each customer with the right technician for each task and with most appointments, customers are met within 60 minutes. Puls manages the process for the customer from start to finish and takes the stress out of working with technology.

Puls, formerly CellSavers, recently rebranded after a $25 million round of funding. This new funding will empower Puls to widen its current offering of rapid-response, in-home digital services beyond cell phone and tablet repair to span flat screens, security cameras, voice-control and home automation products from any smart device manufacturer. The company is expanding its offering to cover the full lifecycle of a digital device, encompassing in-home demonstration, installation, setup, integration, support, repair, and trade-in. The funding will also be used to expand into new U.S markets.

Since opening in 2015, the company has grown significantly, struck strategic partnerships with industry leading device manufacturers, such as Google, and has proven its service-first model with thousands of 5-star customer reviews on Facebook and Yelp.

For more information on Puls and its services, visit puls.com.

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