A great option for AirPod protection

I really love my AirPods. They connect easily to my iPhone and have great functionality with the phone. The only thing I don’t like is seeing the charging case get marred up with regular use. Therefore, I have sought out different options of a protective case for the AirPods. There are two main styles I’ve found — silicone cases and leather cases. The silicone cases are great for sports style lifestyles while the leather cases are a great companion for standard, everyday use. There are several different brands that design leather cases, but one of my favorites is from Prodigee. 

Prodigee Jack Leather Case for AirPods REVIEW


The Jack Leather Case for Apple AirPods is designed from hand-crafted genuine leather. With it being genuine leather, it will show a natural patina over time. The case has a small metal hook on the back of the case for attaching it to backpacks, hooks, and belt loops. The case is hard plastic wrapped in a layer of leather and it provides a snug fit around the AirPod Charging Case. Even though it’s a case wrapped in leather, it doesn’t add any bulk to the AirPods. There is access to the charging port, but the pairing button is covered by the case. 


The case comes in a pretty simple but well-designed box. It’s a heftier cardboard box covered in white with an image of the product on the cover. The name “Jack for AirPods” is also stamped on the front. There are minimal details about the product included on the box other than the name. 

Prodigee Jack Leather Case for AirPods REVIEW

I’ve had the opportunity to try out several different kinds of leather AirPods cases and I think this might be my favorite style. One of the styles I’ve been able to try out has a similar metal clasp on the back of the case to help with transport of the AirPods, but I don’t like the bulky nature of it. With that case, there is a snap closure on the front that adds a bit of heft to the case and therefore — bulk. I’ve also been able to test out a leather case that is the base case of the Jack without the clasp on the back. I liked that version of a case but think it’s a little difficult to carry around because there is no clasp on the back. This case combines both of the features I like from other cases  I’ve tried — the base leather case with the metal clasp on the back for transport. 

Prodigee Jack Leather Case for AirPods REVIEW

Now, is it the perfect leather case for the AirPods? Time will tell on that. I do like that the leather is a ‘harder’ leather. There are some cases I’ve tried that have a soft leather covering. In those cases, the leather around the hinge becomes worn and it can tear easily. This leather, however, seems to be crafted in a different way and it has a coating on it that prevents damage from happening. The case is designed really well and it fits the AirPods like a glove. The only criticism I would really have is that it can be hard to remove the AirPods once you have them installed in the case because it’s a tight fit. And, even though the case provides access to the charging port, it does not give you access to the pairing button — should you need to use it. 

Prodigee Jack Leather Case for AirPods REVIEW


I’m a fan of the Jack case from Prodigee. I think it’s probably one of the better-crafted cases I’ve seen for the AirPods and even though it has a larger price tag ($30-40 depending on purchasing source), I think it’s worth the investment to keep your AirPods in tip-top shape. The Jack case comes in three different colors — black, brown, and red.

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