ProChosen screen protector is a great ‘safety net’ when you go without a case.

These days just about everybody has a cell phone. A huge percentage of those phones are smartphones. We buy them for incredibly unreasonable prices and rely on them every day. So why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment? Everybody and their brother are selling cases, guards, and every other possible option for protection. The options are limitless. A simple solution is here.

ProChosen Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to try out the ProChosen Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector. It’s simple design and sleek appearance makes the phone seem like it’s naked. The guard offers protection without affecting the touch screen sensitivity. A lot of cases and screen films cannot say the same. Picture quality and definition were also unchanged. All said, when I put it on my Galaxy S7 Edge I was pleased.

ProChosen Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

Now I’m not going to tell you that I hit my phone with a hammer to see if my screen would break. However, I did intentionally carry my phone in my pocket with my keys, change, and various other items to see how the screen would hold up against abrasion and it passed the test with flying colors. Also, there was an incident when I dropped my phone in a parking lot getting out of the car. The back glass cracked and scratched but the screen was unscathed even though when my phone finally stopped tumbling it landed face down. So I can say with confidence that the screen guard did its job. The only drawback I found is it isn’t friendly to half cases. I tried three different cases with an open front and the edges of the screen guard lifted, affecting the keypad. It wasn’t terrible but enough for me to take the cases off. Otherwise, it’s a solid choice to protect your screen.

ProChosen Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

If you’re the person who throws their phone in a purse or pocket with little regard for what’s happen to the screen, this is a safe bet for you. It’s the first stand alone screen protector that I feel has done it’s job without affecting the phone functionality. If it worked well with the case I use I would buying stock in their company. Sadly I will stick to my case on most ocasionions. But when I go caseless, this is my safety net.

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