Provides style and protection for your tablet.

There are a lot of reasons to carry your tablet around in a sleeve, but the most pressing issue is of course, safety. Even though they are built to withstand a lot, in my mind, they are still fragile and can easily become damaged. Last year when Apple released the iPad Pro, there were precious few options for protective carrying cases. Apple’s Smart Keyboard and Logitech’s Create keyboard were the first two to hit the market both with premium price tags. So, what options are there for iPad Pro protection these days? The iPad Pro Sleeve from ProCase is a really great, affordable option.

ProCase iPad Pro Felt Sleeve REVIEW

The ProCase iPad Pro Sleeve is designed to fit tablets that are 12.9 inches in size. Even though iPad Pro is called out as the main device for this sleeve, other large tablets could be used with it. The internal sleeve dimensions measure 12.6″ x 9″ and fits the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and the smaller MacBook series laptops, too. That being said, I do have the Apple Smart Keyboard and found that the iPad Pro is a bit of a tight fit without a case. It doesn’t really fit well with the keyboard case included.

ProCase iPad Pro Felt Sleeve REVIEW

The sleeve is made out of felt with a flannel interior lining. It’s durable and provides great protection against dust and scratches. One of the nice things about the felt is that it’s easy to clean. It has a Velcro closure to keep the tablet safely inside the sleeve. There is also an elastic loop on the inside to hold a stylus or Apple Pencil. But, as I said, the iPad Pro on its own is a tight fit and I’m not sure that the Apple Pencil would fit at the same time.

ProCase iPad Pro Felt Sleeve REVIEW

The sleeve offers a couple of great storage options with two back pockets and a large front pocket in addition to the main compartment for the tablet. You can carry several accessories with the tablet, but probably not something as bulky as a wall plug.

The ProCase iPad Pro Sleeve is a great, affordable case for the iPad Pro. It offers great protection and style for your tablet.


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