ProCase iPad Air 2 Dual View Case Review:

An affordable, unique case for your iPad.

ProCase iPad Air 2 Dual View Case Review 3I am a fanatic about cases for iPads. Ever since I got my first iPad, I have not been without a case for it. It’s just never felt right – having a naked iPad. When I got my iPad Air 2 last fall, I was forced to change cases, too. I ended up just going to Big Lots and finding a simple, inexpensive case that would protect without any flare or features. Not too long after that, I was able to switch back and forth between a couple of keyboard-based cases, which are nice, but not quite what I wanted. Recently, I had what I think of as a ‘convertible’ case. It was a keyboard that allowed the iPad to detach from it so that it could still be used autonomously of a full case. The best part was that it was protected by a plastic shell. The thing was that I didn’t like carrying around the keyboard full time, so it was back to the drawing board. That’s how I came to find the ProCase iPad Air 2 Dual View Case.

ProCase iPad Air 2 Dual View Case Review 4The iPad Air 2 Dual View Case by ProCase is a very unique covering for your iPad. For starters, it’s not a generic case. It is specifically made for the Apple iPad Air 2 and is not compatible with any other tablets. You have full access to the cameras, speaker, ports and buttons while it’s in the case and fully protected.

The case itself is made from premium composition leather on the outside and soft felt-like material on the inside. This offers protection during daily use of your iPad and is a stylish companion at the same time. As its name suggests, the Dual View case can be viewed in either portrait or landscape. Its inner sleeve is completely detachable, includes a hand strap for easy carrying, and can be rotated for a viewers preference. It attaches with velcro, which is very different that what I’ve seen in the past. It’s different, but effective.

ProCase iPad Air 2 Dual View Case Review 5As an added bonus, this case comes equipped with a stylus pen that is attached to the case within its own stylus loop.

Like most modern iPad cases, the Dual View Case has a magnetic closure that activates the sleep/wake feature.

When I first took the case out of its packaging, I thought it was just a simple, padded case, but I quickly found that it was the case I had been looking for for quite sometime. The detectable sleeve makes the entire case in my opinion. There are so many cases out there that allow you to view the iPad at a desired viewing angle, but none that completely detect – especially so easily. I love how easy it is to use apart from its larger case.

ProCase iPad Air 2 Dual View Case Review 6Something else I love about this case is that I feel completely secure with the iPad living inside this case. It has a flap that closes underneath the iPad and stays closed with the same velcro that holds it securely at a desired viewing angle.

The Dual View Case by ProCase has quickly become my new favorite iPad case. It’s made from quality materials and has a very unique utility. I can highly recommend this case to anyone. It retails for $19.