Printworks 2, an enhanced all-purpose publishing app for Mac, is out!

BeLight Software released Printworks 2, an all-purpose page layout and desktop publishing app for the Mac. Printworks 2 brings a great variety of new features, including new publishing tools, stylish interface, improved program performance, a collection of heading presets and much more.

Printworks is a versatile app that can satisfy all the desktop publisher’s needs. Not only does it provide templates and layouts for such common desktop publishing documents as brochures and flyers, but also gives an opportunity to easily create CD and mailing labels, envelopes, business cards and much more.

Apart from pre-designed and blank project templates for different document types, Printworks delivers specific tools and capabilities for each type of document (contact import for labels, track info import for discs, direct-to-disc printing support).

New in Version 2
Design and Layout

Spread Mode
Spread Mode allows a user to view and edit two pages simultaneously on the same sheet. It is useful when creating newsletters, magazines and other types of documents in which common design elements on the spread are used.

Customizable Grid
A customizable grid helps enhance the accuracy of work by conveniently setting the horizontal and vertical grid spacing.

Improved Text Box Linking
Text box linking has evolved in version 2 by allowing the linking of existing text boxes or breaking the links between them.

Pixel and Pica Measurements
Printworks 2 enables work with pixel and pica units. Pixels are useful when working with web banners and social network images, while picas are widely used by designers and in typography.

Easier Layer Management
Layer management was moved to the Inspector, which is much more convenient than the drop-down menu.

Style and Performance

Optimized for macOS High Sierra
Printworks 2 is fully compatible with macOS High Sierra.

Interface Enhancements
The user interface has become more stylish and intuitive! Check out the new tabs in the Inspector and the state-of-the-art icons on the toolbar.

Support for Touch Bar
Printworks 2 enhances the keyboard experience for those owning a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Significantly Improved Performance
Program performance has been significantly improved, allowing the user to edit large, multi-page documents smoothly and efficiently.

Useful Add-ons

Artistic Headings
A collection of 2D and 3D artistic heading presets guarantees that documents will stand out. Each and every heading preset was carefully created by a professional designer who selected the textures and shapes.

New Templates
New professionally designed templates were added to be used as a starting point when creating documents.

Art Text 3 Integration
Integration with Art Text 3  helps unleash user’s creativity by providing the opportunity to create own text effects and artistic lettering with Art Text and use them in the Printworks document (requires the purchase of Art Text 3).

Google Maps Integration
Make sure your clients can always find you. Include a street map with driving directions in your brochure or flyer. You can even add high-resolution satellite imagery of your area for advanced navigation.

Integration with Depositphotos
Depositphotos integration provides access to one of the largest picture banks with more than 60 million pictures that can be added to the document with just one click. It is possible to buy single pictures or get a subscription. For demo purposes, a user can download pictures with a watermark right into Printworks 2.

Pricing and Availability

Printworks 2 is available directly on BeLight Software website and on the Mac App Store for $29.99. Previous versions users can buy an upgrade for $19.99 on BeLight Software website.

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