ONE Dock is a great stand and it really cleans up a space.

Ever since I’ve had a phone, I’ve wanted a dock to go with it. This dates back before I even had an iPhone. Now that I have an Apple Watch, too, I want to maximize my table top space. I typically charge both my phone and watch when I go to bed and my bedside table isn’t that big. So, having a dock that can serve to charge both devices is preferable. I’ve tried a lot of dual purpose docks and some are just not very sturdy, or they don’t work with a case being on my phone. With that in mind, I was hesitant to test out the ONE Dock by Press Play. It just seemed like ‘one more’ dual dock that would fail to meet my expectations. Fortunately, I was wrong.

First Impressions
From the moment I took the dock out of the box, I was impressed. This dual dock did not require assembly! The only thing you do have to do is run a charging cable for the Apple Watch into the watch stand because Apple does not allow for third parties to integrate that puck into their designs. I’ve had dual docks before that make you run all the cables for the stand, but the ONE Dock has everything pre-installed. I also really appreciate the easy to use trap door for routing the Apple Watch charging cable. Some dual docks make you unscrew a half a dozen tiny screws to remove the bottom plate, but Press Play made it easy to access so that you can install or remove the cable with no problems.

The dock has a solid metal base with metal stands for the watch and iPhone. Because of its flexibility, you could probably charge an iPad Mini on the Lightning dock, too, but it definitely works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus. The ONE Dock is solid, but lightweight at the same time. The silicone feet keep it from sliding on various slick surfaces.

Press Play ONE Dock Power Station REVIEW

Installation and Use
As I mentioned above, installation is a breeze with the ONE Dock. Once you open the trap door to access the USB port for the Apple Watch cable, you simply drop the USB end of the cable through the opening for the puck and then through a small channel to pass it through to the storage cavity below. Underneath the trap door is a series of poles to wrap your cable around so that it’s tucked neatly away.

You don’t have to do anything special for the iPhone dock. You simply place the phone’s Lightning port on the dock and start charging. I don’t always use a case with my phone, but when I do, I don’t want to have to remove it just to charge it at night. This dock does have a little more clearance than some. So, you can charge your phone while in a case depending on the side of the case.

The dock has an adjustable, tilting base that gives a little more space for the phone if it is in a case. The base also has two standard USB ports on the back with 2.4A output. These are meant to charge tablets, but you could plug many things that are powered by USB into them. Lastly, the ONE Dock gets its power from a DC wall adapter. This one power connection pushes out juice to all the ports on the dock.

Press Play ONE Dock Power Station REVIEW

I’ve used a lot of docks in the past, but none of them are as well designed as the ONE Dock. It’s got a simple, but elegant design; and the iPhone and Apple Watch stands are spaced evenly apart. It provides power to not only the built-in docks, but also two other USB ports. I’ve been using this dock for some time and feel that it’s really the only one to invest in. None of the others I’ve tried really clean up a space like the ONE Dock does.

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