Efficient, space saving stand makes it easy to charge all your devices.

If there is one thing I can really get behind, it’s efficiency. I’m finding more and more that time is money and it’s great to be able to do multiple things at once. This stand from Enblue really takes advantage of its design to make sure all your most important devices are charged and ready for use.

First Impressions

Premium One W3 Charging Stand Review 3Out of the box, the stand is complete with no assembly required. You have to supply your own Apple Watch charging cable and route it through the stand, but a channel large enough for the cable is provided. There is a small magnetic trap door that allows you to drop the USB plug through the stand and then there is a small channel available for cable management. See the video below. You can successfully route the cable this way, but I found it easier to remove the bottom plate and run it that way. All you need for this is a small Philips head screwdriver. Enblue actually includes a nice dual charging cable for the iPad and iPhone charging ports and it’s pre-routed and it’s MFI certified. So, that’s one less ‘assemble’ item you have to worry about. The one other part of the stand you have to ‘install’ is the small rubber gasket that fits in the Apple Watch charging dock. It slips right into place and helps to make sure that your watch is kept damage-free. Important note – when you are installing the Apple Watch charging puck, slip it through the back of the stand, and it will go in much easier.

Premium One W3 Charging Stand Review 4Another really nice feature of this product is the fact that Enblue also included a wall charger with four smart USB ports. I have become a very big fan of the smart charging ports because it means you don’t have have to worry about which cable is charging what device. You just plug in and charge. One very cool feature of this wall charger is that it has a changeable wall port adapter option. So, you can swap out adapters depending on your country, or if you travel a lot, this wall charger can become compatible with different wall plug types. I think it’s great that this charger was provided because it makes it very easy on the user to start using the stand.


Premium One W3 Charging Stand Review 5Because much of this product’s utility comes from charging cables, I want to talk about the ‘fit’ of the devices on their respective docks. There is a dock for each product – iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. The Apple Watch fits on the stand very well. Of course, much of its fit is based off of the magnetic inductive charging system that Apple built for it, but the dock allows for just enough clearance for the charging puck to let the watch rest comfortably on it without rubbing the aluminum stand. This was a very important feature to me as I’m always cautious of my watch’s care.

Next, the iPhone dock is built as an ‘open’ style dock. This means that any iPhone with a Lightning charging port can be accommodated. I currently have an iPhone 6 and use an Apple Silicone case with it. For those who are unaware, that case has an open design on the bottom of the case so you can use it with docks. The dock has two small cushions to protect the phone from damage as it charges. When I place my phone on the dock, it did make a connection to the Lightning port, but because of the cushions and case, it did slide off of that connection. This is just something to be aware of when you place the phone on the dock. There is also a cushion on the back plate of the phone’s dock so you can charge it without case and not worry about the back getting scratched. I usually prefer to leave my phone in its case, but did find that when I removed the case and placed it back on the dock that it had a much better connection.

Premium One W3 Charging Stand Review 6Lastly, the iPad dock is constructed similarly to the way the iPhone dock is. There are cushions on the bottom and back of the dock to prevent damage to your device. I typically keep my iPad in a case, too, and it’s usually a keyboard case. Unfortunately, this dock does not have enough clearance for the iPad to remain in a case like that while charging.

All devices fit very well on the charging stand and the design of the product allowed for plenty of space between each so you don’t bang them up against each other when adding or removing a devices from its respective dock.


The Premium One W3 charging stand is a very efficient, space-saving option for charging your essential devices. The Cool Silver version, which I had for testing, matches the brushed aluminum look of other Apple products and really cleans up a desktop. The stand comes in three different color/styles – Cool Silver, Magic Black and Silver Mahogany. Each is priced at $135. Enblue has two other types of stands – one for the Apple Watch only and one for the watch and iPhone. Personally, the W3 works the best for me because I have all three products and they almost always need to be charged. I am very happy with the performance of this product and am looking forward to using it for a long time.

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Premium One W3 Stand Installation Instructions
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