Best Buy susceptible to embarrassing event through open AirPlay display.

Pranking Best Buy with AirPlay 3Best Buy is enabling easy targeting for pranksters with their Apple TV demo they have setup. In my local Best Buy I noticed I was able to to connect and use AirPlay to stream any content from my phone or the internet at the display they had.

This is a great thing for demoing how well AirPlay works, but it’s also a horrible thing to have to deal with when someone stands 30 feet away and streams Two Girls, One Cup on the 42″ TV they are using for the display.

We live in a time that sooner then later someone will take the opportunity provided by Best Buy to demonstrate some nasty cup action for the whole store to see. The way the display is setup there is no quick way to just run over to it and pull the power cable. The Best Buy employees will have to scramble for a few seconds before being able to remove the video or photo streamed. I took advantage of this and used AirPlay to share my screen and got a few photos of on the screen behind me.

NOTE: Shortly after publishing this article, we received the following response via Twitter from Best Buy. It’s nice to know they are taking it seriously.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.53.40 PM