Powerhouse Pro Accessory Pouch great for all your organizing needs.

I spent quite a bit of my childhood playing with camera gear. You see, my father owned his own video production company and I always found myself helping him organize camera accessories and cables. I learned the best way to store very small objects and how to pack for extended production shoots. Ever since then, I’ve been interested in different ways to pack accessories. This accessory pouch by Think Tank Photo, the Powerhouse Pro, gives you a brilliant way to carry some of your smallest equipment without it getting damaged.

The Powerhouse Pro is made from different durable fabrics including nylon and hexa mesh, and coated with a water repellant and polyurethane. The zippers are abrasion resistant (YKK RC Fuse) and built to last. I was immediately impressed with the construction quality of the pouch and the materials used to make it. The fact that it is partially weather-resistant was an added bonus. At first glance, the pouch has a very professional look to it. It has a clear window on the front so that you can see what the contents are. That’s another nice perk because if you have several of these little pouches – and you will want more than one – you can easily see what is what inside each one.

Powerhouse Pro Accessory Pouch Review

The Powerhouse Pro has a velcro divider in the main compartment that is great for keeping accessories separated and organized. I really like this feature because it’s flexible. You can have it splitting the compartment in two, or you can attach it to the side of the pouch when you don’t need it. The other two pockets are meant for really small accessories. The outer zippered pocket is large enough for pens or tiny cables and the second outside zippered pocket has two mesh slots included. I personally used this section for thumb drives and very short cables.

Powerhouse Pro Accessory Pouch ReviewNot too long ago, this little wonder provided storage for a batch of accessories that we packed for a convention. I was actually shocked at how many pieces of equipment fit into the bag. It was perfect for thumb drives, small adapters, and short cables. It kept everything together and not scattered across several bags. This is a great option for organizing your tools and accessories. It’s durable, lightweight, and very affordable.

This is a great option for travel, production, photography, or simple computer accessories. I would recommend purchasing more than one because of it’s versatility. It’s definitely one of my favorite products so far this year.

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