PowerGear Sound provides a solid charging option for wireless earbuds

Ever since mobile devices became part of the mainstream of daily life, I’ve struggled with keeping them all charged. On any given day, I am carrying my phone, a tablet, and at least one set of headphones. Fortunately, technology companies have developed portable charging solutions for just about every type of device out there. That being said, I have struggled with a good solution for charging my wireless earbuds. They are a sport style earbud so they are connected by a wire between the two ears, but connect wirelessly to my phone. Storage and transport of the earbuds become a problem because the cable constantly gets tangled up with other objects I happen to be carrying at the time. My earbuds charge via Micro USB, which is fairly universal for portable charging batteries, but again, if I were to plug my earbuds into a battery and drop it in my pocket or bag, I run the risk of them becoming an endless frustration and tangled mess. This problem does have a solution thanks to myCharge and its PowerGear Sound Earbud Charging Case.

PowerGear Sound Earbud Charging Case REVIEW

The PowerGear Sound is one of the exceptional products by myCharge that helps you keep your devices powered and ready for action. This charging case is specifically designed to work with Powerbeats and other wireless earbuds. It’s a 1000 mAh battery case that recharges via Micro USB. On the inside of the case is a Micro USB cable that is attached to the battery that is stored within the case. There are some charging cases for wireless headsets that are specifically designed for one type of headset. The PowerGear Sound made it possible for different styles of headphones to be charged with two of the design features – one is the Micro USB cable and the other is molded insert that pops out. The case comes with a pre-installed mold for the Powerbeats, but you can remove it and then it becomes much easier to store other styles of headphones in it.

PowerGear Sound Earbud Charging Case REVIEW

The case weighs just under 5 ounces, which makes it very portable and because of its sleek design, the case is easily dropped into a bag or pocket for easy travel. I love the design of this case. It’s simple but very functional. There is a soft white LED power indicator on the outside of the case and an external Micro USB port for charging the case. myCharge provides a very short (less than 6 inches) charging cable that slips right into the case with your headphones.

I like the PowerGear Sound for many reasons, but the main one is because it keeps my device safe and ready for use. The case is built to last. It’s sturdy and closes tightly so you can be sure that your headset won’t fall out. Even though it’s a very compact product, I would love to see it be smaller in the future for even easier travel. It’s a great product and I think that anyone who has wireless earbuds could benefit from having this case. I found that my earbuds charged very quickly in it and they were very well-protected.

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