Keyboard case brings flexibility to the featured package.

Each keyboard is a little different from the last. I’ve been privileged to test our many, many Bluetooth keyboards and keyboard/cases and have a vast knowledge of how they work with the tablet. They are meant to enhance the tablet’s natural functionality and not inhibit what you are trying to do with it. It should make it things easier and not harder. Believe it or not, there are some keyboards that just don’t connect well, or even type well. This one from POWERADD is really a nice compliment to the iPad.

POWERADD iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case REVIEW

When I first opened the package and tried the case on my iPad, I thought, “Wow, this is really bulky.” And it is. The case adds about one inch of thickness to the tablet. It is also a little heavy weighing in at 16.3 ounces – just over 1 pound. Keyboard case users will be familiar with this side effect of using a keyboard case. If you can see past the extra weight and bulk, you will find a very nice keyboard and protective case.

The case has a flap closure to hold all the pieces together and all the ports and buttons are very easily accessible. A lot of closures are magnetic, but I rather like the standard flap. While there is a little bit of a hard board on the inside of the case structure, the exterior has a soft, pillow-like feel to it. when you open the case flat, you can use your iPad easily without needing the keyboard. The iPad slides into its slot and is held in place by a velcro closure. I’m not a huge fan of this design choice, but it’s functional and I know my iPad is secure.

POWERADD iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case REVIEW

Sitting above the iPad is an elastic loop. Because this case is really designed for the iPad Pro 9.7, I’m sure that this is meant for the Apple Pencil, but you can use it with most styluses. I’m currently storing a click-pen with stylus end on it. When you are ready to type, you can either use the case as a whole or detach the keyboard and use it separately. The keyboard is held in place on the case with magnets. This means that you can pull it off the backboard and use it exclusively from the case. This can be very useful especially if you are traveling and don’t have much desktop space. It’s a great feature and something users should take advantage of.

POWERADD iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case REVIEW

The keyboard case also has a very sturdy kickstand. It’s so sturdy, in fact, that it’s hard to fold back into the case. This is really the only thing I would change about the case – make the kickstand just a little easy to collapse. I do, however, love that it is so rigid. I’ve not had any issues using the iPad – even when I’m sitting on soft surfaces like the couch.

POWERADD iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case REVIEW

I have found this case to be a very nice compliment for the iPad. The keyboard is very responsive and the case is exceptionally designed. This should definitely be something that you consider if you are looking at keyboard cases.

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