Power Share Pro Wall Charger gives you the option to plug directly into the wall.

While attending CES 2016 Digital Experience Showstoppers, and again at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth 30754), I was introduced to a company named Tough-Tested, tag line “made to go to work.” The company prides itself on creating gear that works as hard as you do, gear that is designed to meet the demands of professionals. You need your gear to work when conditions are extreme, roads are bumpy and noisy, conditions are not favorable. Tough Tested wants to be there in those conditions that other gear would fail. They want to exceed performance standards and they really do back their products. Tough Tested is a division of Mizco International Inc and has been around since 1990. Mizco International is a consumer electronic manufacture with R&D in power, battery tech and audio engineering. In 2015 to help with the demand of work related hearing loss, Tough Tested launched a line of Jobsite noise canceling ear buds, which follow with the same Tough Tested lines: to be with you when no other gear will do.

Power Share Pro Wall Charger Review

I was provided with the Tough-Tested Power Share Pro USB Wall Charger with InstaSense. This is the sister unit to the Power Share Pro 4.8 Amp USB Car charger. I only mention the car charger, as I was curious to know if they had an adaptor for generators/car lighter socket. I found that they made a separate charger, which looks to be amazing and I would love to test this device too. The wall charger is meant to last, durable and the company backs its products with a 5 year warranty. It is made of high quality plastic and rates this at 25 PSI. The output is an impressive 4.2 amps shared across the 3 USB outputs. The InstaSense technology is patented and recognizes your devices. It provides the optimal amount of power to them and can divert power to those devices that need it more. Yes, you heard correctly, you have the capacity to charge 3 USB devices at once, and it knows how to optimally charge each of them. Thus, the charger will divert power to each device as needed, monitor them and adjust as charging needs change. Charge your iPad, your iPhone and your GoPro simultaneously and at optimal speeds.

Power Share Pro Wall Charger Review

When I think Rugged, I think the device should work anywhere. They have created this charger to work under temperature extremes, with a tolerance of -30 degrees to 140 degrees F. It states it allows for fast charging in about 30 minutes for many devices. I was able to get from 7% to 70% in about 1 hour on my iPhone 6s Plus, which is about what the included Apple Brick charges, if not a little faster. This was also while charging my Go Puck battery charger and my iPad Air 2. They all seemed to charge well and just as quick if not quicker than other systems I have tested. I did not run an actual speed test on all 3 devices. I started charging at midnight and by 6 am when I awoke all 3 were at full. The battery started on empty, the iPad was on 10% and the phone was charged approximately 60% in 1 hour. All of this was done from a single charger, which is impressive. One question I have is, what are you going to be charging at -30 to 32 degrees F and 115-140 F when most devices have a range of 32-120? iPhones have an operating temperature range of 32F-95F and storage range of -4 F to 113F. This is interesting when the Tough Tested device has charging ranges more extreme than most of the devices it will charge. Unfortunately cold weather increases the internal resistance of devices and often shortens battery life. High heat also reduces battery life.

My favorite feature of this charger has to be the foldable prongs. The prongs can fold 180 degrees to allow vertical charging, 90 degree charging or to fold up completely for storage and transport. It is annoying trying to plug a charger into a wall outlet or into a surge protector due to the weird angles of the charger. This will allow you to charge just about anywhere with any space. You do not have to lock in at 90 or 180 but can also have any angle in between, which is quite convenient. Again this is a feature that I really like that I have not really seen on the market.

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