Posts is a very exciting new app for bloggers using WordPress (Hosted Or Self Hosted) and Google’s Blogger platform. If you’re new to blogging, you can create one from scratch from within the app. I’ve used the default WordPress app before, but after writing an article, I usually have to re-edit it using the web browser. When I ran across Posts from I was shocked to see how good it looked. I’ve had two days to play with the app and I have to say it’s awesome. Having the option to edit the HTML code within posts and pages of my blog is great. Being able to have all the features of the web browser without ever having to open my laptop, makes it very easy for me to get work done on my website. I carry my iPad just about everywhere I go so this app is really going to be a lifesaver. This entire review is being produced using the Posts App by Pico.

Let’s start with how the app works. When adding my website, a self hosted WordPress theme, I found it to be quite simple. I entered in the address of my website, my user name and password, then, voila! It was done. In the image to the right, I have the inspector open editing the screenshot
I took while editing this post. The ability to edit images has always caused me to head back to the web browser to to finish editing reviews. But, having this degree of control for image editing is a very welcome surprise and keeps me from moving back and forth between the app and the web browser. I will say a few days ago WordPress updated their native iOS app and it’s plain Jane. Using it feels like a diluted version of the web browser. That is another big problem I’ve found with blogging apps. Until now, none of them seem to capture a functional app and a great design combination. The only thing I found that would really make WordPress’s native iOS app preferential to Posts is the sticker price. Posts is $9.99 while WordPress is free, but when you consider how clean the app is and the functionality of it, the price is well worth it.

Posts keeps your posts well organized displaying recent articles in order by date. There is also a built-in calendar that allows users to move quickly to different posts. Comments are also easily managed. The app helps the user keep track of the comments that have already been read and moderate those comments for readers of the blog.

The only issue I have found is that the app will not allow you to update certain functions of third party themes. I don’t really consider this a ‘problem’ with the app, just a small downside to someone using lots of plugins that must be tweaked for each post. Most of this post was done while on the road and not connected to the internet. Posts allows you to create your content offline and upload it to your blog when internet is available. I was even able to add my screen shots, edit the sizes and place them where I wanted them before saving this as an online draft. [nggallery id=29]
Another great function to Posts is the preview function. I will constantly preview my work as I write so that I can see what readers will see. Posts allows me to do this without turning to the web browser.
Posts is available in both landscape and portrait modes and I must say, both modes look great. The tool bar, which allows users to do everything from font styles to editing the HTML code, makes this the ultimate blogging app for the iPad.