Posto Headphone Stand Review:

The perfect place for your headphones to call home.

Posto Headphone Stand Review 3This past Christmas, I was given an awesome set of over-the-ear headphones as a gift. It was the first ‘real’ pair of semi-professional headphones that I’ve been able to call mine. They are this beautiful blue color and the kind of thing you don’t mind having out on your desk. Unfortunately, I was short one headphone stand. So, my beautiful blue headphones have been stashed in their original box underneath a pile of papers. I get them out when I need them, but for the most part they stay safely stored away. That is, until I received my Posto stand for review.

Posto is a headphone stand by Bluelounge that is lightweight, stylish and really enhances the look of any headphones that have taken up residence on it. In short, it’s the perfect place for your headphones to call home.

Posto Headphone Stand Review 4“With the rise of open plan work spaces, headphones have become a necessary tool to stay efficient in the workplace yet they have not been given a proper home on the desktop,” said Dominic Symons, Creative Director and Founder of Bluelounge. “That’s why we created Posto, a simple, affordable, headphone stand with a small footprint to give all those headphones a place to hang out.”

Posto is constructed in three parts – the headrest, body and foot stand. The flexible headrest is made from rubber so that it forms to your headphones. Posto is ideal for any type of headphones because of this headrest. I’ve seen some headphone stands that aren’t flexible and as such, they aren’t conducive to ‘every’ style of headphone in the market. The body is made from aluminum. It acts as the main support of Posto and is sturdy enough for even the heaviest of earphones to rest on it. My headphones weigh approximately 6 ounces and Posto works wonderfully with them.

Posto Headphone Stand Review 5Lastly, the foot stand is a wide base that allows Posto to seamlessly flow into your desktop. It’s made from a hard form plastic and has four sticky feet on each of the corners that will help Posto to stand tall on your desk.

Even though the stand comes in three parts (some assembly required), it’s very easy to put together. The headrest and footrest both slide into the body and once it’s put together, it’s not very easy to pull apart. It’s a very solid stand.

Posto Headphone Stand Review 6The thing I like the most about this stand is that it gives me a reason to use my headphones. That may sound silly, but the truth is in the past week that I’ve been testing out Posto, I’ve used my headphones every night. Whereas before Posto was in my life, my headphones were stowed away under some papers. That’s no place for headphones. They are meant to be used and if they are stylish enough, they are meant to be seen. Posto gives me a reason to use my headphones because they are easily accessible and I have to admit, they look great sitting on this stand.

Posto is available in either black or white and retails for $19.95.

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