Popshot enhances MacOS’s screen shot feature with additional options and a user-friendly interface.

As an app reviewer, I take a lot of screen shots. I like to show our readers what kinds of things to expect from an app they may be interested in. But, how do I obtain these screen shots? MacOS has a native feature to capture screens with hot key commands pre-programmed into the operating system, but there are a lot of users who are unaware of how to use these options. I’ll admit that I have trouble remembering the screen command as I normally use the selection tool to make my screen shots. Luckily, there is Popshot for those of us who are screen shot challenged.

Popshot-ss-1Popshot is an app for MacOS that utilizes the native MacOS screen capture functions, but provides an intuitive interface for ease of use. Popshot appears as a utility icon in your Mac Menu Bar. It gives you the option to capture via crop selection, window or screen shot. Users are also given the option to label the output file, modify the save path, change the name of the file and select the file output type (JPG, PNG, etc.).

The designer of this app, Frode Nordbo, created this app with the idea of simplifying the act of creating screen shots. Anyone who takes screenshots knows that the naming nomenclature is repetitive and when looking at dozens of screen shots on your desktop, it becomes difficult to sort through them all. Nordbo had this issue and decided to create an app to help with this very specific problem.

The feature I like the best about Popshot is the ability to re-name the file. This can come in handy with almost every circumstance, but especially when taking multiple shots for the same reason. I also really like the option to change the file type. MacOS generates a PNG by default. It’s a nice feature to be able to change what the output is.

Popshot is easy to use and a highly recommended utility for anyone who uses screen shots. Popshot is not currently available for download in the Mac App Store, but can be found by clicking the button below. Follow Popshot on Twitter @popshotapp.