Projector is a versatile, portable home theater system.

Like most people these days, I watch entirely way too much television and movies. If you add on a serious gaming addiction, then the electronics start to pile up. First, you buy a basic television. Then you need a new sound system, and soon after comes a new television upgrade and so on. After quite about of money, the one upgrade that always seemed inevitable was a larger screen. No matter how big of a television that I got, it never seemed to be big enough. I had to experience a new movie or a bigger screen that would improve my gameplay. But the cost of improving screen size can be astronomical. If only there was a way to change my screen size to my ever-changing needs.

Pomarks Mini Multimedia Home Theater Projector REVIEW

They only way I could think to do this for an affordable price was to invest in a projector. Pomarks Mini Multimedia Home Theater Projector is what I tried out. Projectors have come a long way from even five years back. I remember a friend having one and there were some serious issues that I needed to make sure I wouldn’t have. One of the biggest  drawbacks of previous projectors was the need for a completely dark room to get a watchable picture. Pomarks projector works particularly well with the lights on. While it isn’t as vibrant as it would be in a dark room, it is still very watchable. The other major concerns of yesteryear had to do with the build life. Some of the older bulbs would burn out fairly quickly and were very pricey to replace. Not to mention the fact that they were quite a pain to install, you had to wear gloves while handling the bulb and if any of your skin oils got onto it, it would blow instantly leaving you pretty much screwed. With Pomarks projector advertising a 20,000-hour bulb life, you don’t really ever have to worry about the bulb blowing on you and having to replace it.

Pomarks Mini Multimedia Home Theater Projector REVIEW

The set up can be tricky it’s all about placement. Well, you can just set it on the table or pretty much anything and point it at the wall. I like to have all my things set up to perfection, so I opted to mount to the ceiling. Like most projectors, you can flip the image because a lot of people end up doing this. It just looks a lot better and no hassle of tripping on wires or anything else because you already hid them away. Since most of the walls in the house are white I decided not to get a screen or backdrop but I did try a plain white Sheet and that worked very well. One of my rooms is a beige color so I decided to try it on that wall just to see how it would look. Turns out it even work fairly well on off colors as long as it’s not too dark. The most frustrating part was getting the angle just right. If it’s often the slightest little bit you get angled sides which slightly distorts the image.

Wiring it to your audio/visual set up is pretty straightforward and easy. If you can set your TV up you can set a projector up. Like televisions, you get multiple inputs. Pomarks projector includes two HDMI ports, two USB ports, a VGA port, a component port, and RCA output ports for sound. This leaves you with a wide variety of different devices to plug into your projector for any situation. For the first test run I didn’t hook up any A/V components to it I just focused on the picture. To my surprise, there’s a small speaker located in the back for when you don’t have a surround sound or any other audio devices. With multiple inputs, you can hook up quite a few of your components and switch back-and-forth between sources with either including remote or the buttons on top of the projector.

Pomarks Mini Multimedia Home Theater Projector REVIEW

To my surprise, the two USB ports are fairly handy. You can plug a thumb drive or external hard drive like I did and play all of your audio files your music files as well as view pictures. With this kind of versatility, I wanted to be able to take my projector anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes I attend LAN parties for gaming and it is quite a hassle just bringing a TV unhook everything and lug it around in your car. With this projector, I don’t have to do that anymore and I can have whatever size screen and I want to give me that little bit of edge over everybody and playing with. It will also be very handy for a family get-togethers. Now instead of looking at somebody’s computer to view their recent vacation photos or just family photos from the past, you can throw all of your files onto a thumb drive and everybody can enjoy it on however of a screen you can spare in your location. I did take the projector outside and used it on my garage door just to see how it would work. Once I adjusted the focus would love a rock on the front I was able to sit outside in the cool air and watch a movie. This is something I can’t wait to test out when friends come over or once again a family gathering. I also saw something pretty cool on Facebook the other day for Halloween and Christmas decorations. After downloading a few video packs that I soon learned to a thumb drive and plug Dan, I pointed the projector at my large window by my front door with a white screen over it. Instead of having playing decorations mine come alive and look like a ghost coming at you or whatever else you get in video packs.

Pomarks Mini Multimedia Home Theater Projector REVIEW

Now that I took your plans and got a projector and realize all of its different uses in its versatility I just wanted every room.

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