Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band is a reasonably priced replacement band.

It’s official, I think the “I’m still a guy” song applies to me. Why you may ask? Long story short, I am considering accessories. Men do not typically have, or carry things like a purse or bag. Yes it can be argued that Maxpetition, 5.11, or similar create tactical murses (man purses). Putting European man bags/satchels aside, we have our watches as one of our fashion statements. Until recently, men traditionally wore a different watch if they wanted a different look. The casual watch, the fancy dress watch, the sport watch. Up until I was gifted my Apple Watch Sport Space Grey this Christmas I had a Silver Timex that I wore to fancy occasions and a Casio G shock AWG101 that I have worn nearly daily for the past 5 years. I loved the dependability, the look the black rubberized band. This has been my go to watch, my trusted time piece. I have loved this and now I am at an impasse. Somberly yet excitedly I have moved into the new era of smart watch.

Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band Review Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band Review

Apple, doing what they do best has made a statement, yet again. They defined the smartphone, the tablet, they are trying to work on TV, so why not define a new fashion statement for men while they are at it! If you do not have an Apple Watch, you should consider it. I am a late adopter and I feel like I have been missing out. The Apple Watch has multiple branded and third party accessories/bands, that you can change regularly to fit mood need. You can change/customize the actual watch face on the device, you can change bezel cover and yes, you can change the bands. This is not a review of the watch itself, yet the watch makes this review possible. So far I have been really impressed with my Apple Watch Sport 42″. I have enjoyed the look, the feel and I really like the space gray color. The included Apple plastic band is nice, but sometimes I want something different, something classier. I have been a fan of the metal link watch straps for a long time. Now I have one to review.

Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band Review

I have been given a Pomarks (The source of Smart Mobile Life) Apple Watch band to review. The packing is professional, black background with a blue band. The reverse shows the same black background with blue images and white lettering. It is easy to read, easy to understand. However, it appears that the band that I received (black metal link band) is different than that displayed on the case. They mention under tips that you can contact them for extra links but the picture seems to show a leather/plastic strap. This may just be a marketing/design issue as they have multiple lines of accessories. It is important to note that there are no other instructions. The back of the box is the sole set of information in the packaging.
Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band Review

Opening the packaging you see in the bottom right wipes, the band in the middle and a screwdriver/punch tool in the top left. The band is covered with protective plastic, which is a nice touch. Removing the wipes you see that you have a screen protector. Wipes 1 for wet, wipes 2 for dry. You then have a dust remover, screen protector guides to lay down (a nice touch) and then a tempered glass screen protector. I already have one on my watch so I did not test this one. It is essentially the same as the one I have on my watch from a different company. The wipes look the same, the same packaging for the glass screen protector etc. The difference is the screen guide stickers. Again, a nice touch that would have helped me to orient the screen protector instead of simply eyeballing it. This will save you time and I like the screen protection. I have no touch issues, no force issues and it is quite sensitive.

Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band Review Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band Review

To remove the old straps from the watch simply depress the band release button, on the back of the Apple Watch. The packaging states it is designed for the Apple Watch Sport and I do not know if it will work with the Apple Watch. I suspect it would work. The band I received is metal, and I was initially concerned about scratching the watch bezel/watch band track. The track is rubberized/plastic and the new band did slide in easily. I like the clasp mechanism (Butterfly style) of double locking at the base of the wrist. It has a simple push button that releases both of the clamps. This band is a full circle. This may be an annoyance to some, may not work with some charging bases, as the strap does not separate to lay flat. It is harder to use with my charger Nomad Pod but I have a soft felt on my desk and encircle the band around it and charge without complication, scratching etc. It works, not ideal, but works. A charging stand would likely work best for this watch band, as you can encircle the charging base with the watch. There is a negative! The separate watch band pieces (like the Apple Watch plastic band) are a easier to install onto the watch, as you can slide each one into the track without thinking about the other side. As this is a circle you have to simultaneously align the bands within the track and slide them in and out together. It took a little practice, but now it is not a problem to change these bands too. This is a minor negative, but a negative none the less.

Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band Review Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band Review

I tried the watch on and it was much too big for my wrist. This problem was foreseen as I have smaller wrists. They included the punch tool to remove links. So, I set to work removing links. I will tell you it is hard to remove the compression pins from the watch. I had to use an extra set of needle nose pliers (not included) to Tap the punch to get the pin out. I tried from both directions. I still am not certain if there is a directionality to this. I inserted the tip of the punch into the hole, tapped the back with the pliers and the pin moved out ever so slightly. Grip the pin with the pliers and pull it out and voila the links separate. I tried removing 1 from each side and found the watch still too loose. I then removed an additional one from both sides. Let me say it fits nicely. The band is heavier than the sport band, almost doubling the weight of the device. I do not have a weight of this band to compare at present. I do not really mind the difference as it is is really not that noticeable.

Pomarks Black Link Apple Watch Band ReviewSince I have written this review, I have obtained a watch link remover tool. This makes changing the links much easier. I will say though that I am impressed that I did not scratch my watch or band with this removal process, You can purchase these link removers through Amazon, priced anywhere from a few dollars up to about 10-12 dollars. You can buy kits for watch repair or just take the watch to a jeweler/watch repair to have links removed.

I have no reason/incentive to love this band, other than I do. It looks great, it has a more professional look than the plastic band, it fits the color of the space gray watch nicely. The band is customizable to size, if you need more links you can contact the company for more links. It may be too heavy for some, but again I only notice it when I compare it to something else, not when it is on my wrist. I enjoy this band, it is now on my watch regularly. If you are looking for a reasonably priced watch band to replace your standard watch band, this is a great option for you. You can purchase this band from Amazon in stainless silver or black and you can buy this in 38mm and 42mm sizes. This is a great product and I rate this at 5/5 stars.


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