Bit is the world’s first truly wearable speaker.

The more time goes on, the more I am truly amazed at how small technology can get. First, our phones went from the comical ‘Zach Morris’ sized handheld communication devices down to the micro-sized phones that barely fit in your hand. It was only a short time ago that Bluetooth speakers started gaining traction and becoming popular as methods of listening to music. Now, I’ve come across are very tiny Bluetooth speaker — the Bit Wearable Bluetooth Speaker by Polk Audio.

When I first saw this product I didn’t really see the use for such an item. I mean, why would you need to have a small speaker clipped to you when you could just use headphones? Because I like the sound of Polk Audio products, I thought, “Why not give it a try?” Now that I have had the chance to try it out, I have to admit that I like having the ability to wear my music when I use the Bit speaker.

Polk Audio Bit Wearable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Bit Speaker ships in simple plastic packaging with the branding stamped on the top half of the plastic with a sticker. There are some creative icons on the back of the sticker that show a variety of activities that could be the various uses of the speaker. Getting into the packaging is a little trying. It’s not as bad as the heat-sealed plastic blister packs that are used for some electronics, but it’s not as easy as slipping open a cardboard box either.

The speaker measures 2.95″ x 1.37″ x 0.78″ and it’s not much bigger than a large USB flash drive. It’s very lightweight only weighing 31.75 grams. The body of the Bit speaker is rubberized for maximum durability and it has an integrated USB-A plug for quick and easy charging. There is a cap that covers the plug so that dirt and debris don’t invade it. The speaker attaches to you with the use of a spring steel clip. It operates as a paper clip would and simply slides onto your clothing or bag. There is no complicated clipping or snapping mechanism to worry about.

Polk Audio Bit Wearable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Bit has a built-in speakerphone as well as operating as a high-quality Bluetooth speaker for your music listening needs. It only has two buttons along the side — a + and – symbol. Now would be a good time to mention that the speaker comes with a quick start guide. Most speakers I’ve tried out have a play/pause button in addition to the +/- button. But because the Bit is so small and space is at a premium, you have a sequence of button taps to work through in order to operate it properly. The quick start guide spells it all out, but it did take me some time to get the functions memorized.

I’m really glad I gave the Bit Wearable Bluetooth Speaker a try. As I love my Apple AirPods, I can’t go for runs or even walks with them as the left AirPod always falls out of my ear. The Bit easily clips onto your shirt, pocket, or anywhere you need it to. Because it’s a speaker there are no headphones plugging up your ear holes, which can be a safety hazard at times. I have had times where headphones and earbuds have prevented me from hearing traffic and the speaker alleviates that problem.

Polk Audio Bit Wearable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

While the Bit is very small, it’s also extremely satisfying to listen to. The speaker is surprisingly loud for its size. That’s a great feature to me as I’m heard of hearing and I find most devices lacking a decent volume level. The Bit was actually loud enough for me to enjoy my music and my fiance could even hear it from across the house. The speakerphone is also quite impressive as it has a sound quality that rivals many premium speakerphones I’ve used. My caller could hear me loud and clear on the other end of the phone. She reported that even though it’s not a clear as a call would be using the phone, she didn’t have any issues hearing or understanding me.

Polk Audio Bit Wearable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Bit Wearable Bluetooth Speaker is a really cool device and Polk did a wonderful job with its design. It’s available in a wide variety of bright, unique colors.

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