A great compliment to the Mavic Pro from DJI.

When I started enhancing my DSLR accessories, one of the main things I picked up was a good polarizing filter. I learned very early on in my photography education that it’s a must-have accessory. A polarizing filter does a lot for photographs including reducing reflections and glare while increasing color saturation at the same time. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my outdoor photos when I use a polarizing filter as opposed to when I do not. So, when I picked up a DJI Mavic Pro I thought that my photos and video could benefit from a good set of filters for it, too. PolarPro’s Cinema Series filter 6-pack is ideal for the Mavic pilot who wants to get more from their photos and video.

PolarPro DJI Mavic Filters Cinema Series REVIEW

The special thing about this filter pack is that they are specially designed for flight with a drone. They are made using an AirFrame Construction, which is feather-light and uses precision threaded aircraft aluminum frame. PolarPro designed these filters beautifully to work with the gimbal to ensure that it wouldn’t interrupt regular operations. The glass on the filters is the highest end glass and coatings available. The Cinema Series glass provides high light transmission and a low refractive index.

PolarPro DJI Mavic Filters Cinema Series REVIEW

This particular set of Cinema Series filters is a 6-pack. It includes:

  • ND4/PL 2-Stop Neutral Density Polarized Filter: This filter reduces the camera’s shutter speed by 2 f-stops and polarizes light.
  • ND8/PL 3-Stop Neutral Density Polarized Filter: Reducing the camera’s shutter speed by 3 f-stops, the ND8/PL is the perfect filter for partly cloudy days.
  • ND16/PL 4-Stop Neutral Density Polarized Filter: Reduces shutter speed by 4 f-stops and polarizes the scene for capturing vivid colors on bright sunny days.
  • ND8 Neutral Density Polarized Filter: Use on partly cloudy to mildly sunny days where you need to knock the shutter down by 3 f-stops to achieve a shutter speed of 1/60th.
  • ND16 Neutral Density 4-Stop Filter: Use on very bright days to reduce shutter speed by 4 f-stops
  • ND32 Neutral Density 5-Stop Filter: Use on extremely bright days; reduces the camera’s shutter speed by 5 f-stops

PolarPro DJI Mavic Filters Cinema Series REVIEW

The filters come in a simple branded box with the filters listed on it. There is some description included about which filter should be used in what conditions. Inside the box, there is a plastic carrying case that holds all the filters inside. It’s a durable case for the filters and it slips right into the case I use for my Mavic Pro. Installation of the filters on the Mavic’s camera lens is very easy. Prior to turning on the Mavic, you support the gimbal with your left hand and then place the filter on the camera lens with your right. As long as the filter is securely in place, it will pass through gimbal initialization. If it’s not, it can cause startup errors.

After the filters were installed, the next step was to fly the drone and see what sort of difference the filters would make. I captured a still image from each of the filters and below are the results. The day was bright, sunny and clear.

Polar Pro Cinema Series Filters Polar Pro Cinema Series Filters
 ND4/PL 2-Stop Neutral Density Polarized Filter  ND8/PL 3-Stop Neutral Density Polarized Filter
Polar Pro Cinema Series Filters
 ND16/PL 4-Stop Neutral Density Polarized Filter  ND8 Neutral Density Polarized Filter
 ND16 Neutral Density 4-Stop Filter  ND32 Neutral Density 5-Stop Filter

I’ve been a fan of PolarPro accessories for quite some time. I think they make remarkable products and I’ve been especially impressed with the quality and ease of use of these filters for the Mavic Pro. With it being such a small object, I have concerns that either it would pop off of the lens on the drone or that maybe I would damage them when I was installing it. Surprisingly enough, they are tough and stayed securely in place. I found that my footage looked much better with the filters than without and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to any drone user.

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