Poems by Heart provides assistance to students learning poetry works.

poems-screenshotOne of the most aggravating lessons I had to learn when I was in grade school was memorization of poetry. While I understand its purpose, it was difficult for me especially since it usually involved reciting the work in front of the class. I know that I am not the only person who was plagued by this debilitating lesson. And, now there is an app that is built specifically to assist students learning works of poetry.

Poetry by Heart from Penguin Classics is a brain-training tool designed to help students memorize classic poems. It is structured like a game to make the task more enjoyable. It comes equipped with recordings of the poems so that you understand how they should be read and the ability to record your own performance. Its design is such that the game selects appropriate levels of skill based on the user’s performance in the memorization game.

The app comes with two free poems and is equipped with in-app purchases that include seven more collections.

I found Poetry by Heart very easy to use and enjoyable to play. It made me wish that tools like this were more available when I was in school. I recommend this to any students studying poetry. Even if you don’t have to memorize the poem, the pre-recorded function in the app is a great feature to assist with studying the works.