PNY Turbo Attache 2 USB 3.0 Review

I’ve had some traumatic experiences with computers and not having files backed up, so I’ve learned the hard way to keep important files saved in multiple locations. I have about a dozen flash drives tucked away in drawers and computer bags, and I happily add this one to the collection.

Photo_1The PNY Turbo Attache 2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive is impressive. I’ve been using the 32 GB model with my Macbook Pro, which has USB 3 ports, and the drive has been performing quickly and consistently. The drive had (gasp!) 31.98 GB of available space out of the box. There weren’t any unnecessary files taking up extra space on the flash drive to begin, so reformatting it was easy. The flash drive is also compatible with USB 2.0 ports, though it slows down to USB 2.0 speed in those cases.

Speaking of speed, this little guy claims to have “transfer speeds approximately 10x faster than standard PNY USB 2.0 Flash Drives,” which according to the product website is based on a 3.0MB/s write speed. It is, indeed, quite fast. I transferred three movies (about 6.23 GB) from my laptop, and it took about three and a half minutes.

Aesthetically, I like that the front and back look different; the back is solid charcoal gray while the front has the silver detail. It makes it easy to know which way to plug it into a port. It also lights up when in use, so you know that it is actually working. I don’t like that it has a cap. I lose small things easily. You’re supposed to be able to fit the cap onto the back of the drive, but that doesn’t work, especially if you decide to use the hole there to put it on a key ring or anything like that. It seems sturdy. I’ve dropped it a few times (oops!), and that hasn’t seemed to interfere with its functionality.

Overall, the PNY Turbo Attache 2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive has been all that you can really ask of an external storage device.

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