PNY PowerPack T2200 Portable Battery Charger Review:

PNY PowerPack T2200 charges on the go.

PNY PowerPack T2200 Portable Battery Charger Review 3I love portable chargers and rechargeable batteries, so I was excited about this product. I’m just positive that the second my phone dies, I’m going to get into some sort of situation where my phone is necessary for life. I’m pretty good at keeping my Galaxy S5 alive, but I usually have something like this on me just in case.

The PowerPack T2200 from PNY is a great addition to my portable charger collection. With a 2200mAh capacity, it’s just enough for one full charge of a standard mobile phone. It recharges via micro-USB and outputs power through a USB port. It’s got a sleek cylindrical design that makes it an easy travel companion.

PNY PowerPack T2200 Portable Battery Charger Review 4The PNY PowerPack T2200 does exactly what you would expect. It has three LED lights to indicate battery level so you can check up on it while it charges your phone or sits in your purse waiting for you to need some extra battery life. The whole process of charging and using the gadget is pretty painless; the PowerPack charges to full in about an hour and empties its lifeblood into your smartphone via an included USB to Micro USB cord in about 40 minutes.

As I mentioned before, it can boost my phone’s battery life nearly 30%, which definitely works in a pinch. The T2200 is the smallest battery in the PowerPack line with a 2200 (go figure) mAh rating. T2600, T4400, and T5200 models are available as well if you want a little more power, though the latter two are bulkier.

PNY PowerPack T2200 Portable Battery Charger Review 5Overall, the PNY PowerPack T2200 was useful, small enough to slip into a purse or glove compartment for convenient access, and easy to use. The PowerPack T2200 retails for around $10.

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