Charge and transfer data through all seven ports – USB-A and USB-C, no extra adapters needed.

Plugable, leading computer accessories company, today announces its USB-C and USB 3.0 7-Port Data and Charging Hub (USBC-HUB7BC). Stackable and dual-use, this hub alleviates the problems most often associated with USB hubs–data and charging. Typically, hubs in this space split the duty of data and charging between ports. With the USBC-HUB7BC, consumers get full functionality on every single port. And if data isn’t needed, tap into the UL Certified 60W power adapter and use it as a stand-alone charging station. The USBC-HUB7BC is now available on for $48.95 with a $10 off launch discount. You can also find the hub on Newegg, Walmart, eBay, Insight, and Ingram.

No Compromising on Ports or Power

It may seem like a simple thing, but the USBC-HUB7BC gives consumers full data transfer and charging on every single port – most only have a few charging ports, relegating the remainder to data only. Offering a unique stackable and compact design, Plugable’s USB-C hub emphasizes compatibility and adaptability at a competitive price–without sacrificing performance.


The USBC-HUB7BC comes bundled with a UL Certified power adapter capable of a massive 60 watts at 12V 5A to ensure every device down the line gets as much power as it needs. And thanks to smart charging circuits, each device powers at its own max rate provided by the USB charging spec (up to 2.4A charging). No need to worry about overcharging.

One more thing on charging, this USB hub can be used with a computer–USB-A and USB-C connections included–or without. So if you don’t need data, this handy hub can act as a stand-alone seven-slot charger.

Dedicated to Data

Despite the focus on power, this isn’t just a USB charging hub. When using a standard USB data hub, connecting seven peripherals can take some thought. As data dwindles across connections, an SSD for instance, might slow down if the hub is also managing other connected devices.

With the USBC-HUB7BC, it doesn’t matter if you’ve plugged in one device or seven, every port will operate at a balanced load.

A Hub for Everyone


As a standalone unit, this powered USB hub stands out for its SuperSpeed data and high-speed charging. But what if you needed to charge 14, 21, even 210 devices? This seven-port USB hub is designed to be stacked.

As your need for power or ports grows, the USBC-HUB7BC can grow right along with it. All seven ports are lined up along the front with plenty of space between, so even when stacked, you won’t fumble with the connections.

The USBC-HUB7BC centralizes your charging and data transfer efforts. IT professionals can purchase a number of these hubs in bulk for multiple workstations without worrying about overcrowding desk spaces, and the everyday consumer can charge their entire family’s devices at once, making for a smooth and easy charging experience without fighting over a charging cable. Even more, creatives can connect their workstation to a variety of audio and MIDI devices, while travelers will find value in the hub’s increased amount of charging ports when on the go, in hotels, or otherwise. This hub creates a solution for virtually any kind of consumer, and for less than $50, it’s accessible in ways competitors can’t be.

Hot Desking and the “New Normal” at Work

About 55% of employers say they’re looking to increase the number of shared hot desks and/or open seating areas for employees as they return to the office. The USBC-HUB7BC is the ideal solution for hot desking or other types of collaborative seating and shared office space. Its stackable nature, above industry-standard amount of ports, and standalone charging capabilities create an affordable option for IT teams looking for a quick and easy solution to unprecedented office circumstances.

Whatever the scenario, data transfer, charging, or both. The Plugable USB 3.0 and USB-C 7-Port Hub (USBC-HUB7BC) stacks up to the challenge.

Plugable Warranty

All Plugable products are backed by a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as Washington-based email customer service support.

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