Crackle adds thousands of more free movies and TV shows to Plex

Today Plex has announced the addition of video entertainment network Crackle’s library of movies and TV shows to the Plex ad-supported video-on-demand collection, bringing thousands of more titles available for anyone with a free Plex account to stream.

 Crackle, part of the larger Crackle Plus network formed by Sony Pictures Television and Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc., brings a diverse catalog of content and enhances the Plex catalog with well-loved titles spanning all genres and featuring today’s hottest stars. Today’s announcement further establishes Plex as the most comprehensive streaming platform, providing access to more types of content than any other service in the industry. It is because of this diverse range of content offerings that Plex is able to provide cross-content discovery options, helping identify movies, TV, news, podcasts, and web shows consumers might enjoy based on what they’ve already watched or listened to.

Plex and Crackle

This advanced technology reduces decision fatigue about what to watch, making the entertainment experience actually entertaining instead of overwhelming. Please note that you may need to update your Plex app for the Crackle content to appear. Lastly, today Plex is announcing a new blog called The Watch List, which will offer curated lists of movies to help you decide what to watch.

This is separate from the Plex corporate blog and the new link is here:

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