Uncover new destinations, book flight and hotel accommodations, split expenses and talk with your group all within PlanChat

PlanChat, an all-in-one messaging app where people can discover, plan and coordinate trips or outings as a group, today launches as the most streamlined app for organizing vacations, business trips or nights out with friends. PlanChat is currently available to download for free in the Apple App store.

Planning with a group is stressful, complicated and painful. PlanChat makes the process easy with its group messaging platform specifically for planning trips and travel destinations. The platform also integrates with SMS and e-mail, so no one is left out in the planning process, even if they don’t have the app.

With PlanChat, groups can:

  • Discover trips: PlanChat delivers unique and personalized travel suggestions on a weekly basis, curated from trusted sources online, to help you create a modern-day bucket list.
  • Book at the perfect time: Add your trip ideas to a watch list and PlanChat will scan millions of flights and hotel prices daily to notify you via email when it’s the perfect time to book.  
  • Invite and communicate with your group: Send stunning, personalized invitations to your travel companions to get them excited for the trip ahead and use the message threads to stay connected before, during and after your trip with all the information in one place.
  • Build a social itinerary: Discover restaurants and sightseeing activities for thousands of destinations and clip the ideas you like best to share with your group for feedback. You can also create polls or see which members can attend certain activities through an RSVP feature to get everyone involved in making travel decisions.
  • Book accommodations: Search and book all elements of your trip and track and share confirmation emails and reservation details with your group within the app.
  • Split expenses: Split expenses for hotels, meals, cabs, activities and more with the app’s Venmo integration.
  • Memorialize and share: Save your trip and planning history, so you can look back and reflect on the experiences you’ve had or share your trips with anyone to replicate your experience.

“Planning any type of experience right now, whether it’s a night out or weeklong vacation, is a hassle with hundreds of scattered moving parts, and that becomes even more difficult for groups,” said Sina Shekou, founder of PlanChat. “We’ve created a social, real-time messaging platform that combines every component of the planning process into one easy-to-use app, so everyone in the group can have a say. PlanChat now makes it easier than ever to turn trip research and planning into a memorable group experience.”

According to a recent study from Google, the travel customer journey is shaped by four micro-moments: dreaming, planning, booking and experiencing. PlanChat captures the key elements of these moments all within its app and leverages a messaging foundation to help groups talk about plans and turn them into booking moments. By encouraging group collaboration, PlanChat makes everyone a key decision maker.

PlanChat also brings social planning functionality for destinations and travel brands, making it easier for groups to follow through with their plans. PlanChat’s messaging platform integrates directly into any website, allowing visitors that would have otherwise left to invite contacts and plan socially together. This not only helps people more effectively make plans happen on popular websites, but it also helps travel brands advance people from the planning stage to the booking stage during their research.


To learn more about PlanChat at www.planchat.us.
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