PlanChat is an app designed to aid in the planning of group outings and activities.

I have tried out a few apps similar to PlanChat, apps that also are meant to help coordinate plans between multiple people. I think this is my favorite of them. From a traveler’s perspective, it’s more comprehensive. You can search and track flights and hotels in the app, document and allocate costs, group chat, create polls, browse PlanChat’s recommended experiences (like SXSW or Calle Ocho), and even create a travel bucket list.

Let’s just be honest for a second, folks. There are so many apps in the world. So. Many. Apps. I’ve downloaded and fiddled around with hundreds of them in the two and a half years since I got a smartphone. The vast majority of them have since been deleted. I’d rather have a million unnecessary photos of my cat on my phone than a few apps I don’t really use.

PlanChat iOS App REVIEW PlanChat iOS App REVIEW

That being said, I think there are people out there who would benefit from this app. I go on trips with college friends every once in a while, and something like this could be nice. The thing is, and I do feel bad for saying this, but everyone already has and uses Facebook. And you can plan events on Facebook. I test a lot of social apps, and it is getting quite difficult to get people to download them to help me. Even my fiancé is tired of it. No, Facebook doesn’t let you track flights and hotels like PlanChat does, but I kind of doubt I’d book a flight on PlanChat anyway (well, you actually book with one of their partners like FlyFar or JustFly). I have a whole process I go through whenever I book a flight, and I’m not ready to relinquish that to an app just yet.

PlanChat iOS App REVIEW PlanChat iOS App REVIEW

So, in short, PlanChat is a solid app. I’d totally use it if other people would download it, but as is, I can still just plan things on Facebook and through group texts.

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