One of the First Practical iOS11 AR Products Available to Consumers, Pixie Gives Physical Items a Digital Identity Making Them Quick And Easy To Find

Pixie TechnologyTM, a pioneer and leader in the emerging Location of Things (LoT) sector, has today unveiled the latest version of Pixie, the powerful finder that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to SHOW people the location of lost items. The new version will astound users with floating 3D AR avatars that show and guide them to misplaced objects. With Pixie, there is no need to listen for hard-to-hear beeps – people can immediately see where an object is and walk directly to retrieve it. Available in mid-September with the launch of iOS11, the new version of Pixie is a game-changing advancement in function and experience, and one of the first practical everyday apps using Apple’s ARkit in iOS 11.

Achieving Peace of FindTM – How Pixie Works
Unlike outdated Bluetooth trackers that only rely on beeps to guide people to lost items, Pixie is a two- in-one finder using both visual and audio methods to guide people directly to objects. It uses Pixie PointsTM, advanced tags that give everyday physical items a digital identity that can be located in moments.

To Pixify items, one Pixie Point is attached to an iOS device with additional points affixed to everything from keys, wallets, remotes, toys, passports, and luggage. Items can then be found using the powerful Pixie App.


The New Pixie App Experience
The Pixie experience has been dramatically transformed. Currently, Pixie shows the location of objects through a multi-stage/screen process with an AR display comprised of a static swarm of Pixie Dust that congregates over misplaced items. The new version takes the experience to a whole new level, allowing people to become fully immersed in a world of mixed reality that seamlessly guides them to items they cannot otherwise see within one continuous AR experience.

You can see the new Pixie in action here. It is faster, friendlier and makes finding belongings simple. Following a short scan of the room, a 3D avatar of an object (keys, wallet, etc.) appears and floats within a beam of Pixie Dust over the precise location of the item. The exact distance to the object (down-to-inches) is also displayed on the screen.

Now, people can retrieve their possessions in moments by simply walking towards the item by following the avatar and trail of Pixie Dust. As they get closer to the object, the avatar grows larger and once they are within five feet, audio cues sound like a metal detector to help them locate the item that much quicker.

Pixie can even see through walls and furniture to determine whether an item is hiding behind a cushion, in a drawer or in an adjoining room. Items can always be seen even if with other trackers they cannot be heard.

The new Pixie is a complete paradigm shift and leverages Apple’s ARKit, enhanced 3D motion tracking, powerful animation tools and patented signaling technology. As a result, it is:

  • Faster – Reducing overall search time
  • Friendlier – Providing the ability to continually use the ultimately intuitive AR interface through the entire finding process even while on the move
  • Functional – Improved accuracy and the ability to conduct even the hardest searches and even in a noisy environment, increasing Pixie’s leadership as the most accurate finder on the market
  • Fun – While a serious tool, it is an almost game-like experience that’s super simple and quick to use

With a 12-month battery life, Pixie Points are 47mm x 35mm x 3.2mm in size, and water and dust resistant to IP67 standards. It has an outdoor range of 150 feet and works within 30-50 feet indoors. It can even be used to locate a lost phone when the battery is dead as any Pixified item can be used to locate a phone by logging into a Pixie account with an additional iOS device.

Pixie Technology Launches the Most Sophisticated Finder on the Market NEWS

“Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is on record saying AR has the potential to have a big an impact on society as the smartphone itself and predicts AR solutions will simplify and enhance many aspects of everyone’s day-to-day life. It has already had a game-changing impact on what Pixie is offering and will fundamentally disrupt the wider Bluetooth tracker market,” said Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, CEO and co- founder of Pixie Technology. “Just as digital video streaming took over from DVDs, we predict Bluetooth tracking technologies that are based on proximity alerts and audio cues will give way to precise AR location technologies such as Pixie that are able to actually show people where an item is hiding through walls and down-to-inches.”

The new Pixie works with existing hardware and all current Pixie customers using iOS11 and compatible devices1 will automatically be upgraded to the latest version. The new version of Pixie will be available mid-September with the rollout of iOS11 by Apple, and the existing Pixie version can be currently enjoyed with an iOS device.

Starting at $29.99, Pixie can be purchased at and Amazon and comes with a free iPhone case.
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