Starting today, Pixelmator Pro is going on sale and is now available with discount of 50%. Not only that, but there is also a second sneak peek of the upcoming Pixelmator Pro 2.1 update, showcasing the super fun new ML Crop feature.

Pixelmator Pro goes on sale

Even at full price, Pixelmator Pro is an incredible deal. At 50% off, it’s just madness. Madness! In exchange for your hard-earned money, Pixelmator promises a powerful, beautiful, and exceptionally easy to use image editor designed exclusively for Mac. And we also give you our word that we’ll surprise and delight you with a regular helping of lovingly crafted updates from this day forward.

Sneak peek at Pixelmator Pro 2.1

That brings us – very smoothly, might I add – to a second sneak peek at Pixelmator Pro 2.1. There has already been one sneak peek about it, but now, there is another one for you. The Crop tool is getting a big makeover with a range of improvements and we wanted to highlight one new feature in particular: ML Crop. Check out the Sneak Peek on Pixelmator’s Blog.

What does ML Crop do? It analyzes the composition of photos using a machine learning algorithm and gives you a suggestion for how you could crop the photo to make it more eye-catching. Above all, Pixelmator wants this feature to just be fun, giving you some different perspectives for a common photo editing task.

That’s it for now – stay tuned for more news and keep your eyes peeled for that 2.1 update!

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