Pixelmator for iPhone

Introducing Pixelmator for iPhone — A World Class Image Editor for iOS

Pixelmator for iPhone News 3I’ve long been a fan of Pixelmator. Since it’s first release on the Mac, I’ve used it as an alternative to bulkier more expensive photo editing systems like Photoshop. Pixelmator has received rave reviews from many media outlets, including this one, and we couldn’t be happier to announce that the Pixelmator team has released its newest version of the app for the iPhone.

A world class image editor for iOS, Pixelmator for iPhone is packed with powerful, fast, desktop-class tools for enhancing photos, drawing and painting, as well as for advanced image editing with layers, text, shapes, and more. Pixelmator is built exclusively for iOS 8 and takes full advantage of its latest features and technologies, making Pixelmator fast, intuitive, and very simple for anyone to use.

“We are super excited to introduce a world class, advanced image editor for iPhone,” said Saulius Dailide, one of the founders of the Pixelmator Team. “Our team created the first-ever mobile image editor that has all the tools you need whether you are a mobile photographer, mobile painter or a mobile graphic designer.”

Pixelmator for iPhone News 4Pixelmator is the perfect app for mobile photographers and painters. It is packed with advanced, desktop-class photo editing tools that let you touch up and enhance photos right on your iPhone. Pixelmator features powerful Color Adjustment tools, incredibly precise Retouching tools, Metal-based Distort tools, a collection of breathtaking effects, and much more. It features more than 100 outstanding double-texture brushes, innovative color-picking tools, and an impressive, OpenGL ES- and A8X-based Paint Engine. Mobile painters can choose from realistic to fully stylized brushes of all sizes and shapes to subtly enhance images or to create masterpieces from scratch. Pixelmator also provides myriad ways to pick colors easily and with great precision. And it lets you enjoy real-time responsive painting, thanks to the state-of-the-art Paint Engine.

Pixelmator for iPhone News 5Quite possibly the best news with this update release is that the iPhone version of the app is available at no additional charge to owners of the iPad version. The iOS universal app is available in the App Store to new users for $4.99, a very affordable price for such a powerful piece of software.

Some of the additional features that are included with this update are:

  • There are now more pre-designed shapes and text styles for you to choose from.
  • We’ve added additional layer templates, too.
  • The new Hue adjustment setting lets you customize the look of Light Leak and Bokeh effects.
  • The enhanced Repair tool interface now lets you cancel repairing while in process, see the percent progress of the repair, and hide the layers palette while still repairing.
  • You can now zoom into your image more than 1000 percent while painting, if you like.
  • Working with text and shape layers is now much faster.
  • Fonts are now sorted just as they should be — alphabetically.
  • Pixelmator for iPhone News 6You can now see the color value while adjusting the white balance with the Eyedropper. Now you can share more than one image per session via AirDrop.
  • Previously, a newly added layer would appear at the top of the layers palette. Now, it is placed above the selected layer.
  • Full Screen mode now hides the bottom bar of the interface.
  • Previously, the popover menus were hidden after rotating the device. We fixed that.
  • We’ve updated to the latest stylus SDKs for a better painting experience.
  • The app used to quit unexpectedly when it was put to sleep while repairing. Not anymore.
  • We’ve also enhanced the overall performance of the app so you can enjoy a much more seamless image-editing process.
  • This release is very exciting as it marks the release of the only advanced photo editing app available for the iPhone. It is designed to work seamlessly with the other versions of the app and take full advantage of iOS 8 functions like Handoff.

Pixelmator for iPhone News 6I’ve not had a whole lot of time to play with Pixelmator as it was just released this morning, but from what I’ve seen of it so far, its the most impressive image editing app for the iPhone. The app loads and exports images extremely fast and at one point, I forgot that I was using a fully capable image editing app for iOS. It was almost as if I was using the desktop client. I’ve used other apps for photo editing that just make the experience cumbersome, but Pixelmator has really made the user experience on the iPhone 6 Plus screen enjoyable.

For more information, visit pixelmator.com.

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