The perfect gift for the hard-to-shop for techie dad.

My dad is one of the hardest people to shop for. He really only has a couple of interests – music, movies, and motorcycles – and he typically gets whatever he really wants/needs on his own. So, when it comes to occasions like birthdays or Father’s Day, I have trouble trying to find a good gift for him. I was recently introduced to the awesome sunglasses from Pixel Eyewear and thought, “Now this might be a great gift for Dad!” Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but the glasses from Pixel also provide a lot of safety features that are not typically included with standard eyeglasses.


Pixel Eyeglasses are special because they all filter out blue light emitted by digital devices. They can filter out up to 95% of all blue light. The lenses are balanced between clarity and function. The lenses have no ‘yellow’ tint to them and the frames are built with cellulose acetate – the same material used by high-end eyewear brands. Pixel offers a wide range of vintage and classic styles. The lenses also reduce glare as well as incorporate a new coating nanotechnology that keep the lenses clean and scratch-free. The glasses that I had to try out were the Toro style sunglasses. They come in two different color choices – Greystone or Grey Crystal. The Toro glasses are designed for everyone. They feature a slim rectangular profile and a sharp keyhole bridge. The lenses are polarized and the width is classified as ‘medium’. They come in the size 51-18-142mm. 


The Toro Sunglasses make a very good first impression. The glasses are housed in a hard shell case which is sold in an outer box. Both the outer box and case have the Pixel logo engraved into them. I like that the glasses are in their own case inside the box. It ensures that they won’t be damaged when the owner unwraps them for the first time. To me, this is a BIG deal. So many products are improperly shipped these days. It’s nice to see that Pixel thought about protecting these glasses. I’m sure their other models have the same type of case.

Even though I got these glasses for myself, I think they are suitable for anyone. The description calls them “unisex” and as long as you get the right size, it shouldn’t matter what gender wears them. In my opinion, the style is reminiscent of classic Ray-Ban sunglasses. The stems are actually a bit thinner than that style of glasses and the Toro’s wear similarly to a pair of standard prescription eyeglasses. The tint on the lenses is perfect. They aren’t too dark so you could even wear them indoors if you are working in a brightly lit environment; And, they aren’t so lightly tinted that they don’t successfully block out the sun. 

I find the Toro sunglasses to be quite comfortable. In fact, I have considered ordering a pair of the Pixel Prescription Computer Glasses that are the same style because they fit my face so well. I’ve received several compliments on the sunglasses. People have said the they look like they were made for me. Pixel actually makes the sizing process pretty easy. Each pair of glasses has a size listed under their description. Most glasses have a ‘try on’ option, which provides you with a virtual reality experience to test out the glasses. It works really well on a smartphone with a front-facing camera. I used my iPhone 12 Pro and was able to ’try on’ the sunglasses before I ordered them. 


I think the Pixel Eyewear sunglasses are a good fit for a Father’s Day gift – or any gift really. They are modestly priced (the Toro Sunglasses retail for $95 – at the time of publishing) for premium sunglasses. Since the glasses feature several different options and they are so comfortable, I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in them again. 

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